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Land Rover Expeditions.

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1955-56: Two S1 SWB Land-Rovers were driven overland (except for the English channel) from London to Singapore. The political climate allowed them to drive through Syria, Iraq, Persia (Iran), Afghanistan and Burma, amongst other countries. The war-time Stilwell Road (read track) through Burma was still just passable. Peter Townsend also took this track in his round the world trip.

World Tour.

1956-57: Group Captain Peter Townsend (1914-1995) drove a S1 SWB around the world: Paris to Singapore, Perth to Sydney, Vancouver to Buenos Aires (boat round the Darien Gap), Cape-Town to Paris.

Darien Gap.

The Darien Gap joins Panama and Columbia and is the chief obstacle to the Pan-American Highway linking North and South America.

Sahara, West to East.

1974: Four Army 101s (two with powered trailers) drove from Dakar on the Atlantic to the Red Sea, 7500 miles, 100 days. (See Robson's book.)

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