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I lead the MArVL: Monash Adaptive Visualisation Lab at the Caulfield campus of Monash University in Melbourne Australia and help to run the new NICTA Monash Laboratory at Caulfield. I'm fascinated by information graphics--tables, plans, maps, diagrams, charts--and other kinds of visual languages like mathematics. I'm interested how they arose and how people use them to make sense of the world. My research investigates how we comprehend such visual languages, how computers can better support our use of graphics through information visualization, and how we can use computer technology to help people who have severe vision impairment gain better access to graphical information.


I am also very interested in the rapidly evolving world of eBooks and digital publishing. My research investigates how we can move away from a print-based view of documents and their content to one that takes more advantage of the capabilities of electronic media. We want to develop technology for creating interactive documents and diagrams whose appearance adapts to their viewing environment and to user requirements.


A key issue in digital publishing and in information visualization is automatic layout: no longer can we rely on a human to carefully design a page or diagram layout. My research looks at what makes a layout good and also how we can create good layouts using constrained optimization techniques.


Another area of research is developing programming languages and methodologies for solving combinatorial optimisation and satisfaction problems. One project is the NICTA constraint programming where I am involved in the design of the Zinc modeling language.


My final area of research is analysis and optimisation of programs, in particular, for constraint and logic programming languages. I am no longer an active researcher in this area.


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I obtained my PhD a long time ago (1989) at the University of Melbourne, worked for nearly 4 years as a Research Scientist at IBM’s T.J Watson Research Center in New York, and then took up an academic position at Monash University where I have remained ever since.

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