Theory and Practice of Logic Programming

Editor-in-Chief: Maurice Bruynooghe

Special Issue on Implementation of Logic Programming Systems

Guest Editors: Bart Demoen and Maria Garcia de la Banda

Call For Papers

Logic programming saw the light more than 30 years ago, with the first implementation of Prolog appearing in 1972 by Philippe Roussel and Alain Colmerauer. Since then, implementation has been one of the driving forces of the field and has generated a significant amount of both theoretical research and running systems. While a certain maturity has been reached for some of the more traditional aspects of Logic Programming, new areas have also emerged and are currently being explored. Work in these new areas has resulted in many different languages and systems such as OZ, Mercury, CIAO, Erlang, XSB, SModels, DLV, ECLiPSe, B-Prolog, HAL, SICStus, etc. Therefore, the journal on Theory and Practice of Logic Programming (TPLP) is planning a special issue on the implementation of logic programming systems to appear in 2007.

The aim of this special issue of Theory and Practice of Logic Programming is to attract high-quality research papers on the implementation of logic programming systems. The focus of this issue is on implementation itself, therefore we expect papers whose main contribution resides in presenting implementation issues per se. The emphasis is on system design, implementation techniques, and integration, rather than on topics such as performance, new paradigms, analysis domains or applications.

In-depth surveys introducing newcomers into the field and comparisons of different implementation techniques are also solicited.


Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

    * Answer set programming
    * Compilation
    * Concurrency
    * Constraint Support
    * Databases
    * Debugging
    * Distributed Programming
    * Memoization
    * Memory management
    * Model generation
    * Parallelism
    * Programming environments
    * System integration


Revised and enhanced versions of papers published at conferences that have not appeared in archival journals are eligible for submission. Papers describing important past research in this area which have not been published in archival journal papers are also solicited. Surveys and comparison of state of the art techniques are also solicited.

For any doubt regarding the appropriateness of the topic of a paper for this special issue please email either to Bart Demoen ( or to Maria Garcia de la Banda (

Papers should be written in English, and formatted using the LaTeX style files developed by Cambridge University Press for TPLP and which can be downloaded from

To submit please send an e-mail version to both Bart Demoen ( and Maria Garcia de la Banda (

If you experience any e-mail problems please contact Bart Demoen on:

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or Maria Garcia de la Banda

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Important Dates

First call for papers
    December 2005
    June 15, 2006
    February 15, 2007
Final version due:
    May 1, 2007