Michael Niemann

  Caulfield School of Information Technology
  Monash University


PhD candidate

Caulfield School of Information Technology
Monash University
Caulfield, Victoria 3145, AUSTRALIA

Phone: +61 3 9903 1969
Email: Michael.Niemann@monash.edu

Current Research

The Duality of Expertise: Identifying expertise claims and opinions within online forums

This research investigates building expertise profiles using emails from online discussion forums. An individual's areas of expertise will be based on the language used in their emails and the semantic relationships found between the terms. The expert's level of expertise will be determined through their language use and the responses given in other emails towards the expert and their emails.

Supervisors: Assoc. Prof. Henry Linger, Prof. Tim Baldwin (University of Melbourne)

Keywords: expert locator, expertise finder, user modelling, semantic similarity, WordNet, community opinion, sentiment detection

Fields of Interest

Linguistics, computational linguistics, historical education, artificial intelligence, cognitive sciences, human-computer interaction, technology for the hearing and sight impaired, information management, technical writing, project managment.

Previous experience




Question and answering, descriptions of bayesian reasoning, multiagent dialogue systems.
Machine translation, syntactic disambiguation, sense disambiguation, lexicon design, agent communication, children's morphology, WordNet, Prolog.



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