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Draw Bridge Continuation error when they go over the draw-bridge. The bridge is almost completely upright just before Elwood drives over it, but it is much lower when they actually become airborne.
"They broke my watch!" Listen closely; each time after a number of police cars crash into a pile, someone says 'They broke my watch'. This occurs first with the single upside down car in the mall, the pile up under the el, and the pile up on the expressway embankment.
Train line Every time we see the window in Elwood's apartment a train goes past
Sunglasses and Hats
Elwood never takes off his sunglasses, and Jake never takes off his hat
The other Blues Mobile
"Murph and the Magictones" have a pink Cadillac with the name of the band painted on the side. After they re-join the Blues Brothers, the car has "The Blues Brothers" crudely spray-painted on it.

John Landis 'Director Trades'

See you next Wednesday
Supposedly, the phrase is the title of a film that Landis had an idea for at the age of 15. He describes the film as the kind of movie that a 15 year old adolescent boy would have made. He sometimes uses ideas from this movie, and when he does he puts the phrase in as a homage. It is not in all of his movies.

Frank Oz
Airport scenes in Into The Night and Coming To America have a call over the PA system for a "Mr Frank Ozkerwitz" to pick up the white courtesy phone. This is Frank Oz's real name. Landis has a fetish for Oz and The Muppet Show.

The Girl from Ipanema
The music that is played in the elevator scene is The Girl from Ipanema - a piece of music which is present in other John Landis films.

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