Awards for Silent Movies Site

Over the years I have consistently received awards for my Silent Movies site.

My Erich Von Stroheim feature has been rated a 3 star page. This is thanks to unsolicited votes from readers.
The Celebrity Link Directory has chosen my Harold Lloyd feature as one of their sites to link to. Listed Since 1997 - Link Directory Not exactly an award, but the Clara Bow Silent Star of the Month page is listed in the Fan Link directory.
Links2Go has chosen my Charlie Chaplin page for their exclusive award. Starting Point Starting Point featured my site on their "New Sites" section.
StudyWeb StudyWeb have selected two of the Silent Star of the Month articles (Clara Bow and Rudolph Valentino) as featured sites in StudyWeb as one of the best educational resources on the Web. Listed Since 1997 - Link Directory The Harold Lloyd silent star of the month biography has been selected by The Network for Entertainment Fans.
Snap! Online Best of the Web My Silent Movies Site was named Snap! Online's Best of the Web in the Entertainment Channel on October 15, 1997. Cool Site of the Day Cool Site Central's Cool Site of the Day award for July 17, 1997. If you check out their archive, you will note that there are some very good sites amongst those chosen, so I am honoured to have this award.
Awarded 4 stars by Link City! Link City has given two of the silent star of the month features a 4 stars award, namely for the Clara Bow and Theda Bara pages. Lycos City Guide has listed my silent movies site in their guide to Hollywood. I consider it quite an honour to have my site chosen as one of the very few representatives of Hollywood, especially since I live on the opposite side of the world (in Melbourne, Australia).
"The Duke of Url designs a theme page for the 50+ Friends Club, reviewing only the class of the net." Editor's Choice
This award is for not only my main silent movies site, but also my Charlie Chaplin page and a couple of silent star of the month pages ( Blanche Sweet and Norma Shearer).
To quote Looksmart,
    The 'Editor's Choice' is presented to high quality sites that LookSmart's team of Editors keep an eye out for when selecting content.
c|net Best of the Web Each week c|net's Best of the Web reviewed five new sites. For the week of June 19, 1996 they reviewed the Silent Movies site. Actors Online Pick of the Week Actors Online each week feature five Picks of the Week which they feel are "the cream of the crop". During the week of June 10, 1996 they chose my Silent Movies site.
Top 500 film & video site The book Film & Video on the Internet: The Top 500 Sites includes a review of my site. Magellan 3 Star Site Magellan reviews web sites, with four stars being the maximum possible rating. The Silent Movies site received a three star rating, while my Silent Star of the Month received a two star rating.

Yahoo's List of sites giving Best of the Web ratings.

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