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Silent Film Resources FAQ

This is very much a work in progress. I'm posting it in the hope that it will prove to be useful. Any additions, corrections etc are most gratefully accepted (send them by email to Currently it consists entirely of silent film resources which are on the internet, but any resources are welcome, such as newsletters etc.

This FAQ is maintained by GLen Pringle ( and is posted to alt.movies.silent once every month. It is also available at the following location.


Silent Movies

Newsgroup for Silent Films
Silent Movies
The Silents Majority
Kally Mavromatis's Silent Movies site
Silent film interest groups and related resources
Silent Era website
Your Silent Movie Web Site
The Silent Film Bookshelf
Australian Silent Cinema
The Silents - Silent Feature Films 1910-36
The Internet Source Book for Early German Film
Cinema in Japan
Rotwang's Hand - The European Silent Cinema Project
The Silent Film Era of India
Silent Movies Information
Silent Films - Are They Worth the Watching?
The Silent Westerns
Yahoo's Index of Silent Movies Sites
Costume SuperCenter's Guide to Films From the Silent Era
Early Motion Pictures 1897-1920
HotWired Feature: Horror on the Silent Screen
Resources posted to alt.movies.silent
The Silent Movie Theatre, Los Angeles
Silent Ladies
"Race Movies" in the Silent Era
Help Save "The Lost World" - the original 1925 movie
Live Music for Silent Film
Hooray For Hollywoodland, including a Rudolph Valentino Homepage
Silents Are Golden
Silent Film Society of Atlanta (SFSA)
Mary Anne's Silent Movie Site
The Internet Silent Film Still Archive
Autographs & silent film information by Thomas Staedeli

Silent Movie People

Louise Brooks
Louise Brooks Society
Louise Brooks
Louise Brooks Stuff
Louise Brooks photos
The Louise Brooks Gallery
Das Madchen Lulu
List Of Louise Brooks sites

Charles Chaplin

alt.movies.chaplin Newsgroup
Chaplin Biography and Filmography
The Chaplin Society
Charlie Chaplin Resources Notes
The Eternal Chaplin and the Speech of the Great Dictator
Chaplin Film Locations THEN & NOW
Chaplin Biographer seeking Chaplin information
Chaplin movie clip
David Gerstein's Charlie Chaplin Home Page
Charles Chaplin Biography
Entertainment and Chaplin
Jax Beach Movie Revue: Tribute to Charlie Chaplin
The UNOFFICIAL Charlie Chaplin WWW Page
Charlot: the cult of Charlie Chaplin
List of Chaplin sites
Resources posted to alt.movies.chaplin

Buster Keaton
The Damfinos: Buster Keaton's Fan Club
Project Buster
Keaton Images
HotWired Feature: Buster Keaton: The Man Who Fell to Earth
Buster Keaton Biography
Buster Keaton and the Virgin Sperm Dancer
Juha's Buster Keaton Page
Buster Keaton site, includes quicktime clips
"Buster" Forever
Generally Buster

Laurel and Hardy

alt.comedy.laurel-hardy newsgroup
The Official Laurel and Hardy Web Site
Another Laurel and Hardy Site
Laurel & Hardy
Meet Stan and Babe
A Tribute to Laurel & Hardy
Laurel and Hardy - Wonders of Comedy
The Wacky World of Laurel and Hardy
Oliver The Eighth Tent # 100
Blotto - Laurel & Hardy Magazine
The Laughing Gravy Home Page
Jim's Laurel and Hardy Site
Laurel and Hardy Museum
List of Laurel and Hardy sites
Laurel & Hardy Merchandise
Laurel and Hardy Central

Harold Lloyd
Hello, Harold Lloyd
Harold Lloyd Biography
Harold Lloyd Quicktime Clips

The Marx Brothers
The Marx Brothers
The Marx Brothers Material & Bibliography
A Marx Brothers page focussing on their early career
Brad's Marx Brothers Home Page
Marx Brothers Sites
Marx Brothers mailing list
send email to with this line in the body of the message:
       subscribe marx-brothers your@email.address

Various People
Arbucklemania: Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle
Bartine Burkett Zane
Dolores Costello Barrymore
Book on Theda Bara - includes online photos
The Yakima Canutt page
The Charley Chase page
The Marion Davies Home Page
Douglas Fairbanks & Mary Pickford Home Page
Abel Gance
Lillian Gish
D.W. Griffith
Siegmund Lubin
The June Marlowe website
All about the film career of cinema's first super-flapper Colleen Moore
Denny Jackson's Colleen Moore Page
Colleen Moore
The Mabel Normand page
Mary Pickford
Edna Purviance
Fay Wray
The Little Rascals
Lilyan Tashman
Conrad Veidt Corner
Anna May Wong
Four silent actresses
shillPages - images of various actresses
Gareth Hughes, the first Welsh Film star
Web of Murnau - Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau

Sites With Silent Movie Videos, posters, books etc for sale
Silent Film Sources - Availability of Silent Films in USA
Picture Palace
Cult Films: Silent Classics
Silent Movies on Video
Kino On-Line
Grapevine Video
Movies Unlimited silent film videos
LSVideo, with some silent films on video
Moviecard Website - movie star cigarette cards and trading cards
Vintage Movie Poster Dealer - twice weekly auctions and fixed price sales
J S Dietz Movie Posters
The Movie Poster List
Matinee Today - The Art of Film Posters
Film Fan - movies posters from silent cinema to current films
Film books, including some on silent films

Viewing Silent Films (festivals, silent film theatres, tv schedules etc)
Silent Film Screenings
Live Cinema Calendar - silent motion picture screenings
Turner Classic Movies
Towne Theatre Silent Film Schedule
The Flanders Film festival with silent films
Stage Silent Movie Series
Loud Music Silent Film

Movie Sites which include some information related to Silent Films
Giving Life To Silent Film: Preservation and Music in Silent Films
A Bibliography of Horror, Terror and Macabre Cinema
Sirens of the Silver Screen - black and white photography gallery
Dermatology in the cinema
Silent Cinema Projector
Theater Pipe Organ music
Theatre Historical Society of America
Collecting vintage movie equipment (cinematographica)
Classic Movie Reviews - includes some silent films
Movies in Birmingham, Michigan
Movie Posters, including some silent ones
The Cinema Pages
World Cinema - Absolute Authority on Film
Phil's Vintage Film and Collectibles
Franklyn Cards film star site
Film stars and their salaries - includes some silent film stars

Preservation of Films
National Film Preservation Board
National Film Preservation Foundation
Film Preservation
Society for the Preservation of Film Music
Thanhouser Company Film Preservation, Inc.

General Movie Sites
The Internet Movie Database
Reel - large movie store and database of films
The All-Movie Guide
American Movie Classics
Screen Network Australia
Toronto Film Society
Film related site
Showbiz Search Engine - a directory of film related sites
DEARFILM - Independent films
Film Australia
Newsgroup for newsworthy events in the movie business. (Moderated)
Newsgroup for general aspects of movies not covered by other groups.
Newsgroup about people in the movie business.

Film History

Newsgroup for Past movies.
The Complete History of the Discovery of Cinematography
The one hundred most influential people in the history of the movies
Classic Movies
The Palace Theater
Australian Centenary of Cinema
Hollywood Snapshots and Photos - photos from the past
American Mutoscope & Biograph Company - the oldest movie company in USA
Association Francaise de Recherche sur l'Histoire du Cinema
Cinema History (includes Films from the Silent Era)
The Projection Box
The Greatest Films - cinema history
Research Group on the Beginnings and the Formation of the Cinema and Theatrical Institutions
Classic Images Magazine
The National Screen and Sound Archive, Australia

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