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This page is intended to a list of clubs/societies, newsletters etc which are devoted to silent movies, silent film stars etc. If you know of any additional items which should be added to this page, please contact me at


Toronto Film Society

The Toronto Film Society (myspace page))is a non-profit association for the study and appreciation of film as art. Inquiries by email to:

They have their annual Raiding the Vaults at Eastman House in Rochester NY the first weekend in August with at least five feature and several shorts of silent film accompanied with live piano with Phillip Carli. They also have available to devotees or film history students their extensive archive of film notes on silent film.

TFS is incorporated under the laws of the Province of Ontario. Membership is open to anyone 18 years of age and over. No one under the age of 18 can be admitted to membership or to any screenings of the society. Admission to screenings is by series membership card only. No guest membership cards will be issued and members are not entitled to bring guests. The name and home address of every member must be on record. TFS does not sell, rent or lend its membership / mailing list. The membership year is from July 1 to June 30, with Annual General Meeting in June. Membership cards for SEASON 48 should be retained until June 30, 1996 and cannot be replaced.


The Silent Film Monthly

The Silent Film Monthly is a newsletter edited by Gene Vazzana which is devoted to silent film. Subscription is $25.00 a year, payable to 'Gene Vazzana'.

    The Silent Film Monthly
    700 5th Street #12
    Oakmont PA 15139

Silent Film Society of Atlanta

The Silent Film Society of Atlanta has a web site up at with details of events etc.

The Silents Majority

Dedicated to keeping the art of silent film alive. For membership information, please submit your mailing address to the following address:

    The Silents Majority
    C/O Diane MacIntyre, President
    2461 Santa Monica Blvd., Suite #C-113
    Santa Monica, CA 90404
    Phone: (310) 264-2535
    Fax: (310) 829-0541

Charlie Chaplin Film Company

Quarterly newsletter called LIMELIGHT. Subscriptions are $20 in the US, $25 in Canada; single issues are $6.50/$7.50.

    Charlie Chaplin Film Company
    c/o Bonnie McCourt
    300 South Topanga Canyon Boulevard
    Topanga, California 90290


Cinecon is the oldest and most respected organization dedicated to the preservation and appreciation of silent and Golden Age Cinema.

They meet once a year over the Labor Day Weekend. For more information and a press release please write Kevin John Charbeneau - Chairman and President c/o

The Damfinos

The Damfinos: The International Buster Keaton Society.

Membership is $12.50 per year ($15.00 in Canada; $18.00 overseas) and includes a quarterly journal (The Keaton Chronicle), as well as advance information about Keaton events and discounts on selected merchandise. Their first international convention was held this past October in Keaton's hometown of Muskegon, Michigan, and they plan the second for Oct. 4 and 5, 1996, also in Muskegon.

    The Damfinos
    c/o Melody Bunting
    161 West 75th Street - Apt.14F
    New York, NY 10023


Harold, Everyman, Lloyd Lives On!

Harold Lloyd Appreciation Society, with quarterly fanzine, The Lloyd Herald. Fully endorsed by The Harold Lloyd Trust. Founder/Editor is author of Harold Lloyd: A Bio-Bibliography (Greenwood Press, 1994) Membership/subscription rates: $20/year U.S., $25/year Canada, $30/year Overseas, payable to Annette M. D'Agostino.

    Annette M. D'Agostino
    46 Stokes Avenue
    Bethpage, New York 11714

Harry Langdon Society

Founded by Floyd C. Bennett, Jr. (who is also the president). Have a quarterly newsletter called Wild About Harry which is available for $20 per annum. Contact them by e-mail on harry_l@ix.netcom

John Gilbert

    The John Gilbert Appreciation Society
    Sheryl Stinchcum, president
    11688 River Crest Drive
    Gloucester, VA 23061
    (804) 694-3961

You can visit their website at or contact them through email at

$10 annual dues, formed in 1986, quarterly newsletter.

Marion Davies

Marion Davies Fan Club: Family Chapter

The Family Chapter is run by Kimberly Lake-Santori, Marion Davies Great Granddaughter. Self addressed stamped envelopes may be sent to:
    Marion Davies Fan Club: Family Chapter
    P.O. Box 1564
    Clovis, CA 93613

The Friends of Marion

This is a letter writing campaign aimed at MGM and Ted Turner to try to encourage them to release Miss Davies films to the public. She made forty-five feature films and only two of them are available legally to the public: Show People (1928) and Going Hollywood (1933).

More information can be obtained by contacting Nick Langdon at or for those in Europe:

    Friends of Marion UK
    C/O Mark Evans
    11 River Lane
    Anwick, Sleaford
    Lincolnshire, NG34 9SP

Silent Film Society of Atlanta

The Silent Film Society of Atlanta (SFSA) was founded in 1990 and has grown steadily ever since. The SFSA has monthly meetings,usually on the 2nd or 3rd Friday of each month, from September - June. Doors open at 7:30pm, meetings/screenings start at 8:00pm. The screenings are currently held at Emory University (Room 206 at White Hall). SFSA Info: call Bill Eggert at (404)-885-1787, e-mail at or write him at c/o Emory Univ. PO Box 25435, Atlanta, GA 30322.

The Silent Society

The DeMille Barn, located in Hollywood, California, is the home of "The Silent Society" an organization devoted to the screening and preservation of rare silent films.

The DeMille Barn is actually a barn rented by Cecil B. DeMille and Jesse Lasky which they used as a studio to shoot the first feature-length film in Hollywood -- The Squaw Man, starring Dustin Farnum.

For information regarding "The Silent Society", please contact Randy Haberkamp (213-937-0776). Our monthly screening are held at 7:30 pm at:

    The Hollywood Studio Museum (AKA "The DeMille Barn")
    2201 N. Highland Ave.
    Hollywood, CA 90068
    (213) 274-2276

The Movie Machine Society

Devoted to the exchange of information among all those interested in the technological history of all kinds of apparatus designed to create a moving image, from Arriflexes to Zoopraxiscopes. Membership in the Society includes a subscription to the quarterly newsletter, Sixteen Frames. The Society year begins April 1. Members joining during the year will be entitled to all issues for the current year.

Dues (payable in US funds only):

  • US$20 for United States Members
  • US$25 for all other countries

Send your subscriptions to:

    The Movie Machine Society
    Adrian J. Levesque, Jr., Sec./Treasurer
    42 Dearhaven Dr.
    Nashua, New Hampshire 03060 USA
and include:
    Your Name
    Telephone Number
    Special Areas of Interest
    Interest in Submitting Articles (subject areas)
    Payment in US funds

Rudolph Valentino

Quarterly publication called "The Rudolph Valentino Newsletter: A Celebration of His Life & Legacy". Subscriptions are $25 in the US, $30 in Canada, and $35 overseas. Back issues available.

    The Rudolph Valentino Newsletter
    c/o Patricia Lampinen
    1604 Long Lake Rd.
    Eveleth, MN 55734-9634

Classic Images

Classic Images is a tabloid format monthly which has been published since 1962. An annual subscription costs $31. As to the content, there's usually a 1920s or 1930s color movie poster on the cover. It basically covers 1890s-1950s, but there's always silent film material in every issue. There are regular sections devoted to upcoming film festivals, discovery of lost films, obituaries, videotape reviews, and book reviews by Anthony Slide. It's illustrated with b/w photos. Some of the really large bookstores like Border's carry Classic Images irregularly with their film periodicals.

The address is:

    Classic Images
    301 Third Street E.
    Box 809
    Muscatine, IA 52761

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