Projects and research activities


Evaluation of a teaching support initiative and its impact on students performance

Dianne Hagan & Selby Markham

The introduction of Java as the 1st year programming language in the Batchelor of Computing degree was accompanied by the use if BlueJ as the programming learning environment. This project has been set up to evaluate the educational implications of the these curriculum developments. Included in the project is a component where student background is being related to course performance.

Work is also being carried out on the behavioural modelling of student satisfaction with both their subjects and their course.

The web and on-line learning

Judy Sheard & Margot Postema

This project aims to investigate the role of Web learning resources within the general area of on-line and distributed learning. Its initial focus is on the issue of the way students utilise Web-based materials and how this utilisation compares with paper-based learning resources. Concurrently, work is being done on the approach teaching staff adopt in developing Web-based resources.

Investigation of questionable work practices by students

Martin Dick & Judy Sheard

There is a continuing interest within the Faculty in the definition, understanding and handling of plagiarism and related questionable work practices by students. This project is designed to investigate student interpretations of the meaning of questionable work practices.

The relationship between motivation and expected performance in elective subjects

Matthew Mitchell & Judy Sheard


Little is known about the factors which influence students to choose one elective over another within the Bachelor of Computing. This is a basic educational issue and relates to the way in which subjects are presented and marketed to students. It is intended that this project will produce a basic model of student behaviour, mapping the relationship between expectations and performance.

The development of an on-line bibliographic data base for computing education research

Dianne Hagan

The design and development of the bibliographic data base is a contribution by CERG's to the work of Computer Science Education Research Groups International. When completed, the data base will be accessible to all CSERGI members.

BlueJ - Language and environment for teaching object-orientation with Java

Michael Kölling, John Rosenberg & Michael Cahill

The BlueJ project group is currently developing a teaching environment for Java. BlueJ is an integrated software development environment closely modelled on the original Blue environment. It is was first used in CSE1202/3 in 1999 and this is being repeated in 2000.

Evaluating Industrial Experience projects

Sylvia Tucker & Jason Ceddia

Industrial Experience projects are an important pedagogical component in the design of the Bachelor of Computing. An investigation has been designed to research the way in which all stakeholders view the experience. A cross-sectional before and after study is being carried out in the 2000 academic year where partially structured data will be collected from students, supervisors and clients.

Development of Resources to Support First Year Java Programming

Ainslie Ellis

The introduction of Java as the first year programming language meant that educational resources were needed to support teaching practice. This project is developing a range of resources which included language concepts, terminology and support materials for using the BlueJ environment.

Anonymous Feedback and Discussion System

Jason Lowder

Anonymous feedback allows students to communicate between themselves and staff without fear of identification. This helps break down fear of criticism from staff and students and helps improve subject quality.

Internet Environment for learning the software testing process

Sita Ramakrishnan

On-line, macromedia shockwave-based object-oriented program testing education environment (called Lightviews).

Online Educational Assessment Software

Angela Carbone, John Zakis, Bernd Meyer & Peter Schendzielorz

Research into more sophisticated on-line multiple choice assessment and reporting tools, called CADAL Quiz and G-SPI.