A photo of tym Tim Kleingeld-MacKenzie

Personal Details

I am working for The Fulcrum Consulting Group, a Unix system administration company, doing mostly internal development work. I am also no longer working as a PhD student at Monash University in the Department of Computer Science: I was working on a parallel programming language C/++-with-Ease.

Here are some photos taken around april 1997 of me and my parents and my wife Amrit.

I used to live in theOffice(tm), which has some interesting photos of various things that I have been associated with. Note that some of the information there is a little out of date!

You may wish to have a look at a sort of wedding ceremony that we conducted for Darren and Kona, who we consider to be part of theOffice (even though they're on the wrong side of world (they're in England)). Sadly, these two are no longer together... maybe I should work on the reverse ceremony (although this would probably be considered bad taste by some).

If you need to contact me, Goofey is one alternative. In fact, you can ask goofey if I'm around right now, and maybe even send me a message! Goofey is a wonderful system for communication that I wrote with Darren some years ago (although development continues). There is now even a web goofey.

E-mail I will deal with eventually.

If you must use old fashioned techniques, try one of these numbers:

Tim MacKenzie