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Collaborative Agents -- REsearch and Development (CARE) 2009


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PRELIMINARY SCHEDULE! Please check closer to the workshop day for final allocations.



Tuesday 1st December

8.50 9.00


9.00 9.30

Plan coordination in Hospital Patient treatment

Chetan Yadati Narasimha, Cees Witteveen and Yingqian Zhang

9.30 10.00

Effect of network topology in opinion formation models

Brenton Prettejohn and Mark McDonnell

10.00 10.20

Male optimality and uniqueness in stable matching problems with partial orders

Mirco Gelain, Maria Silvia Pini, Francesca Rossi, K. Brent Venable and Toby Walsh

10.20 10.40

Exploring the Dynamics of Business-to-Business Networks using Agent-Based Models

Fabian Held

10.40 11.10

Tea Break

11.10 12.10

Workshop Keynote Address 1

Prof. Michael Luck, University of London

12.10 13.30

Lunch Break

13.30 14.00

Towards an Intelligent Agent Framework to Manage and Coordinate Collaborative Care

Christian Guttmann, Ian Thomas, Michael Georgeff, Leelani Wickramasinghe, Hamid Gharib, Simon Thompson, Heinz Schmidt

14.00 14.30

Manipulability of Single Transferable Voting

Toby Walsh

14.30 15.00

Behaviour Mining in the Minority Games

Guanyi Li, Ying Ma, Yingsai Dong and Zengchang Qin

15.00 15.30

Tea Break

15.30 16.15

Workshop Keynote Address 2

Dr. Simon Goss, Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO), Australia

16.15 16.45

Agent Based Crisis Management

Frank Dignum, Huib Aldewereld, John Tranier and Virginia Dignum

16.45 17.15

Collaborative Learning in Uncertain Environments

Waiho Wong

17.15 18.00

Discussion, Panel and Future of CARE


18.00 --

CARE workshop dinner, Location TBA (18.30pm order food!)