Computational Materials Lab

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Lab News

June 2014: Majid’s work on layered MoS2 has been accepted for publication in Journal of Power Sources. Congratulations, Majid!  [Link]

May 2014: Our recent work on CZTS thin films for solar cells will appear in Electrochimica Acta. [Link]

March 2014: Our recent paper on plasmon resonance in 2D MoO3 is accepted for publication in Advanced Materials. [Link]

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Welcome to the webpage of Computational Materials Lab at Monash University!

We investigate the physics and mechanics of nanoscale materials for optoelectronic, energy and structural applications. We employ a broad range of computational tools, including:

  1.    First principles quantum mechanical simulations

  2.    Large-scale molecular dynamics simulations

  3.    Continuum phase-field simulations, and

  4.    Continuum mechanics simulations.

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       A postdoctoral position is available!

Magnetism in nanoparticles


Mechanical properties of 2D layered materials

Electronic and transport properties of layered 2D materials


Structural and electronic properties of next generation battery materials

Electronic origins of morphological features in metals

Current Projects

Past Projects

  1.     Structural and electronic properties of graphene and related materials

  2.     Compositional patterns in alloy quantum dots

  3.     Morphological patterning on semiconductor surfaces