Awards and Special Assignments

  • Best Paper Award at the 1992  ISSM conference, Baltimore, USA.

  • Best paper in the Pacific Computer Communications Conference, Seoul, 1985.
  • Gold Medal for the best student in  Bachelor of Engineering from Institute of Engineers (India) in all braches of Engineering, 1974.
  • January 1974 - Meritorious award for being the best student in  Bachelor of Engineering.
  • Recipient of Government Scholarship for Masters and Doctoral degrees – 1973-1978.
  • External Examiner for the Department of Computer Science, University of West Indices, 2001-continuing.
  • External academic advisor and examiner for the Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahmn, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, 2009-continuing.

  • 1981 and 1982 -Seconded by the Government of India to the Division of Computer Applications, Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok, for developing graduate courses.