Boolean Networks for the Generation of Rhythmic Structure

Authors: Dorin, A.


This paper describes an interactive multi-track MIDI sequencer for generating poly-rhythmic patterns. Patterns are determined by the state of a set of autonomous Boolean networks, each node of which corresponds to a single musical event. This event will be triggered if the Boolean node is active and the sequencer step corresponds to its location in the pattern. Users may alter the networks which generate the patterns and change the note information they trigger whilst a sequence plays. Thus the sequencer may be used in live performance or in a studio. Additionally the sequencer may be left to generate its own patterns based on the behaviour of the Boolean networks.



Boolean networks, rhythm, MIDI sequencer


On-line conference presentation slides


Requires: MacOS 8/9, OpenGL, OMS
Comes with: Text documentation, no support, no warranty, no PC version
Download: ILLogical.sea (self-extracting archive 196k)
Extra documentation: On-line conference presentation slides


Some sounds made with ILLogical are on-line. If you have some of your own you'd like me to link to, please let me know!

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