Cellular Automata for the Generation of Rhythmic Structure


LiquiPrism is a cube of cellular-automata, each face of which triggers MIDI notes when its nodes are activated. The rules for the automata are such that certain cyclic patterns are more likely than others, ensuring that certain rhythmic structures are more likely than others. Each face of the cube runs at a different rate so that counter-rhythms between faces are easily established. Mouse clicks and movements control the cellular automaton activation levels. [PDF paper, lecture slides]


Requires: MacOS 8/9, OpenGL, OMS
Comes with: Text documentation, no support, no warranty, no PC version
Download: liquiPrism.sea (self-extracting archive 164k)


Sounds made with LiquiPrism are not yet on-line... if you have some you'd like me to link to, please let me know!

LiquiPrism (installation)


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