Art Futura '95 Catalog and CD-ROM (review)

Don't buy this for the CD-ROM. If you are willing to pay the price for the excellent glossy catalog / visual proceedings then pay your money and the CD-ROM will be a bonus.

The CD-ROM has some cool clips but nothing you couldn't find in a million other places reproduced in better quality. If you're interested in Star Trek then there's a number of Quicktime movies of trailers and the 'Making of' from ILM.

There's only a few stills from City Of Lost Children.... disappointing as they're reproduced in far better quality in the printed proceedings and I'd hoped for some Quicktime movies.

There's a few interesting but cliched essays by world 'experts' on global digital communities. These are not presented particularly well and you are forced to scroll through them continuously (no page numbers or index within each essay).

Need some work guys at Art Futura... if this is the future, I won't be buying Art Futura 96! Siggraph Visual Proceedings are perhaps less elaborate as far as presentation goes but the content is of a high standard throughout.

Alan Dorin, 13 Nov 96

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