This is a list of short, loosely categorized Artificial Life, Computer Graphics, Art, Science & Programming book reviews. Some of them were written a few years ago, some more recently.

Some of the books are scored out of 5 using a coarse scoring system: (Content, Readability).


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Having read a few of my short reviews, you may have noticed that they are largely positive. This is quite simply because I usually don't persevere with books I don't like. Seeing as I'm doing this review thing in my spare time, I won't usually waste it reading a book I don't enjoy. If a bad review appears, its probably because I bought a book without having seen it first and was later disappointed.

Here are some references I found particularly inspirational (both visual and written).

Happy reading, Alan Dorin.


Scoring system details indicated above as a pair, (Content, Readability):

Not very interesting. Poorly researched or poorly argued. Tedious or frustrating to read. Please get me out of here, I can't bare this torture.
A reasonable effort but I wasn't truly excited. Readable without being particularly inviting or enticing. Hurry up and finish this book so I can get on to something better.
A very good job. Well researched and carefully argued. A good read. I didn't find it hard to focus on this text.
Excellent in all respects. This was a happy read. I stayed up beyond my bedtime eagerly turning pages.
A true classic and a significant text. It should be canonised. A work of true genius. Gripping reading, clearly explained and a literary masterwork.

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