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EvoEco is an experimental piece of software for the creation of abstract images using simple virtual drawing creatures.

You may experiment with the interactive applet, or view the development of pre-chosen individuals in our dynamic gallery, or view some select output images in the image gallery.

EvoEco was created by Taras Kowaliw, Alan Dorin, and Jon McCormack at the Centre for Electronic Media Art at Monash University, along with ninety-six anonymous artists. Taras is also associated with the ISC-PIF, CNRS.

You can find out more about it on the about page, or via our publications:

EvoEco and its outputs are © T. Kowaliw, A. Dorin, and J. McCormack, 2010-2012. We hereby give permission for the re-use and re-distribution of results for non-commercial purposes, under the condition that credit be given to us (including a link to this page or a reference to our paper), and that any modifications be noted. This page last modified August 2011.