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CSE 468 - Information Conflict

Dr Carlo Kopp, PEng

CSE 468 Topic Objectives
Background Briefing

  1. Shannon's information theory concepts, basic game theory concepts.
  2. Four canonical strategies of information conflict vs Shannon's information theory.
  3. Compound information conflict strategies and using graphs to model these.
  4. Hypergames vs information conflict strategies.
  5. Evolutionary nature of information conflict and biological examples.
  6. Analysis and modelling of information conflict attacks and techniques.
  7. Forms of information conflict, Class I, II, III, IV information warfare, denial of service attack classification.
  8. Information conflict vs copyright, privacy, spam, espionage, surveillance, perception management, propaganda, advertising, hacking and cyberwar, viruses/worms, and identity theft.
  9. Information conflict vs basic concepts and risks in computer security and encryption.
  10. Problems arising in law enforcement and organisational security due to the proliferation of information conflict techniques.