Discrete Mathematics Research Group, Monash University: meetings

Coming up:

Fri 20/ 5, 2pm:     Catherine Greenhill (UNSW) Mixing time of the switch Markov chain and stable degree sequences      [Location: room 340, School of Mathematics, 9 Rainforest Walk (old bldg # 28)]
Fri 27/ 5, 2pm:     Tony Hunyh Universal graphs for infinite planar graphs (and beyond)      [Location: room 340, School of Mathematics, 9 Rainforest Walk (old bldg # 28)]

2022 events:

5/ 4 Freddie Illingworth (Oxford) Minimum degree stability and locally colourable graphs
1/ 4/22      Kevin Hendrey and Pascal Gollin (Institute for Basic Science, South Korea)      A unified Erdős-Pósa theorem for cycles in graphs labelled by multiple abelian groups

2021 events:

31/ 8/21 Daniel Horsley Decomposing complete multigraphs into stars of varying sizes
8/ 6      David Wood Universality in Minor-Closed Graph Classes (part of the Round the World Relay in Combinatorics)
19/ 5 Richard P. Brent (Newcastle)      Algorithms for the Multiplication Table Problem (slides, 5.1MB; arXiv preprint)
11/ 5/21     Michael Gill     MOLS of order 10 and relations in nets (PhD final seminar)     

2020 events:

25/ 5/20 Yuliya Zelenyuk (Witwatersrand)      A bound for the number of symmetric colorings of a finite group
16/ 3 Rui Zhang Poisson approximation of the probability of nonexistence (6-month progress review)
11/ 3 Angus Southwell Random trees and graphs with given degrees (PhD milestone review)
9/ 3 Luise Kappe (Binghamton)     Finite coverings: a journey through groups, loops, rings and semi-groups        (slides, 346KB)
24/ 2/20     Billy Child Permanents of polystochastic matrices (PhD Pre-Submission Review)

2019 events:

25/11/19 Maksim Zhukovskii (Moscow Inst. of Physics and Technology)      On the distribution of the maximum size of common neighbourhoods in random graphs
18/11 Christopher Tuffley (Massey) Weakly linked embeddings of complete graphs (slides, 297KB)
11/11 Ajani de Vas Gunasekara On determining when small embeddings of partial Steiner triple systems exist (PhD confirmation)
4/11 Emanuele Viterbo (ECSE, Monash) Modulation schemes for high mobility wireless communications (slides, 2.9MB)
28/10 Tony Huynh Stable Sets in Graphs with Bounded Odd Cycle Packing Number (slides, 1.6MB)
14/10 Ben Jones Powerful sets, binary functions and rank generating functions   (PhD progress review)
7/10 Padraig Ó Catháin (WPI) User-Private Information Retrieval and Generalised Quadrangles (slides, 8.3MB)
30/ 9 Padraig Ó Catháin (WPI) Minimal polynomials of complex Hadamard matrices (slides, 247KB)
16/ 9 Daniel Mathews The sensitivity conjecture, induced subgraphs of cubes, and Clifford algebras
9/ 9 David Wood The product structure of graph classes
Graham Farr and Ian Wanless Review of 27th British Combinatorial Conference (U of Birmingham, 29 July - 2 Aug 2019)
5/ 9 Laura Ciobanu (Heriot-Watt) Conjugacy growth in groups, geometry and combinatorics      (School of Mathematics Colloquium) (slides, 1.1MB)
4/ 9 Laura Ciobanu (Heriot-Watt) Solving equations in groups (slides, 1.0MB)
2/ 9 Conference Reviews:
David Wood 25th Birthday Celebration of The Electronic Journal of Combinatorics (EJC25) (Simon Fraser U, 27 May 2019)
Graham Farr Oxley65 (Louisiana State U, 10-12 July 2019)
Andrii Arman and Nina Kamčev Random Structures and Algorithms (RSA 2019) (Zurich, 15-19 July 2019) (slides, 375KB)
26/ 8 Qi Yan (Xiamen) Extremal embedded graphs (slides, 1.1MB)
24/ 8 Mathematics Tour of Melbourne
19/ 8 Norman Do A tale of two enumerations: Ordinary maps versus fully simple maps
12/ 8 Greg Markowsky The Cheeger constant for distance regular graphs (slides, 190KB)
8/ 8 Daniel Král' (Masaryk and Warwick) Analytic representations of large discrete structures        (School of Mathematics Colloquium) (slides, 556KB)
1/ 7 Tao Feng (Beijing Jiaotong U) Bounds and constructions for constant dimension codes (slides, 1.2MB)
26/ 6 Dhruv Mubayi (UIC) Polynomial to exponential transition in Ramsey theory
24/ 6 Xiaomiao Wang (Ningbo U) 2-designs from strong difference families (slides, 663KB)
17/ 6 Srinibas Swain An introduction to the Online Graph Atlas
Graham Farr Some problems suggested by the Online Graph Atlas project
10/ 6 Andrii Arman Uniform generation of random graphs with prescribed degrees in linear time
3/ 6 Srinibas Swain The Most Frequent Connected Induced Subgraph Problem
21/ 5 Geoffrey Grimmett (Cambridge) 150 years of the Ising and Fortuin--Kasteleyn models    (joint event with Probability Seminar)
20/ 5 James Saunderson (ECSE, Monash) Limitations on the expressive power of second-order cone programming (and beyond) via Ramsey's theorem
29/ 4 Mikhail Isaev Distribution of tree parameters via martingale CLT (slides, 450KB)
Liana Yepremyan (Oxford) On the number of symbols that forces a transversal
15/ 4 Heiko Dietrich Quotient algorithms (a.k.a. how to compute with finitely presented groups)
9/ 4 Şule Yazıcı (Koç U) Embeddings of partial Latin squares in MOLS (slides, 490KB)
8/ 4 Greg Markowsky Strongly regular graphs and pseudo-generalized quadrangles
1/ 4 David Wood Planar graphs have bounded queue-number
25/ 3 Sergey Norin (McGill) Density of graphs excluding sparse minors
18/ 3 Timothy F. N. Chan Cycles of Length 3 and 4 in Tournaments (slides, 319KB)
11/ 3 Jeroen Schillewaert (Auckland) Small maximal independent sets (slides, 193KB)
27/ 2 Mario Boley Strongly Accessible Set Systems and Efficient Fixpoint Listing
19/ 1/19 Visit to exhibition Escher X nendo: Between Two Worlds at National Gallery of Victoria

2018 events:

3/12/18 Tony Wirth (Melb) & Nate Veldt (Purdue)    Correlation Clustering: sixteen years on, new directions, new colleagues (slides, 4.7M, & slides, 3.2M)
Brigitte Servatius (WPI) Matroids on graphs (slides, 780KB)
Srinibas Swain An Online Graph Atlas (41ACCMCC practice talk)
19/11 David Ellison (RMIT) The Firefighter Problem on Trees (slides, 1.5MB)
12/11 Nina Kamčev Finding monochromatic combinatorial lines with few intervals (slides, 499KB)
5/11 Angus Southwell How to determine if a random graph with a fixed degree sequence has a giant component (paper by Joos, Perarnau, Rautenbach & Reed, 2018)      (slides, 321KB; preprint, 2017; published paper, 2018)
29/10 Tony Wirth (Melb) Set Cover, cooked several ways
24/10 Richard Brak (Melb) A Universal Bijection for Catalan Structures (slides, 1.1MB)
17/10 Jane Gao Rate of random low-density-parity-check (LDPC) codes (slides, 18MB)
10/10 Ian Wanless Induced Path Factors of regular graphs
3/10 Jessica Purcell Treewidth, crushing, and hyperbolic volume (slides, 1.7MB)
27/9 Dillon Mayhew (VUW) Tree automata and Courcelle's Theorem (slides, 930KB)
18/ 9 Marc Demange (RMIT) Online decomposition of overlap graphs into permutation graphs: applications to some colouring problems      (slides, 18MB)
12/ 9 Ben Jones Powerful sets, codes and rank generating functions (PhD confirmation)
3/ 9 Nikita Zhivotovskiy (Technion) A short proof of Haussler's packing Theorem (slides, 377KB)
29/ 8 David Wood The golden ratio appears in graph theory
23/ 8 Brendan McKay (ANU) 54 years of graph isomorphism testing     (School of Mathematical Sciences Colloquium) (slides, 9.8MB)
22/ 8 Conference Reviews:
David Wood SIAM Conference on Discrete Mathematics (DM18) (Denver, 4-8 June)
Graham Farr Christchurch Maths Craft Day (Christchurch, 1 July)
Mikhail Isaev Building Bridges II: László Lovász is 70 (Budapest, 2-6 July)
Ian Wanless & Nick Wormald International Congress of Mathematicians (ICM2018) (Rio de Janeiro, 1-9 Aug)
15/ 8 Keisuke Shiromoto (Kumamoto) The critical problem for binary matroids (slides, 3.1MB)
8/ 8 Asha Rao (RMIT) Identifying a Criminal’s Network of Trust
24/ 7 Santiago Barrera Acevedo Cocyclic Hadamard matrices of order 4p
25/ 6 Jane Gao The Aharoni-Berger Conjecture on Rainbow Matchings (slides, 629KB)
4/ 6 Anita Liebenau Ramsey equivalence in multiple colours
28/ 5 Josep Díaz (UPC) The metric dimension problem: Results and open problems (slides, 1.6MB)
21/ 5 Kevin Hendrey Extremely Minor Results (PhD Pre-Submission Review)
14/ 5 Jacobus Koolen (USTC) Recent progress on graphs with smallest eigenvalue at least -3 (slides, 459KB)
7/ 5 Daniel Horsley Symmetric coverings and the Bruck-Ryser-Chowla theorem (slides, 714KB)
30/ 4 Mikhail Isaev The sandwich conjecture of random regular graphs and more (slides, 359KB)
23/ 4 Javad Sedighi Hafshejani (Shahrekord U, Iran)      Integer-valued polynomials over subsets of matrix rings (slides, 369KB)
16/ 4 David Wood Better Bounds for Poset Dimension and Boxicity
28/ 3 Amin Coja-Oghlan (Goethe U Frankfurt)      Information-theoretic thresholds (slides, 314KB)
26/ 3 Bertrand Jouve (CNRS, Toulouse) k-dismantlability in graphs (slides, 689KB)
21/ 3 Dennis Clemens (TU Hamburg) On the size Ramsey number (slides, 1.4MB)
12/ 3 Damian Reding (TU Hamburg) Multicolour Ramsey Equivalence
5/ 3 Alireza Naghipour (Sharekord U, Iran)      A Refinement of the Unitary Cayley Graphs of Finite Rings (slides, 889KB)
26/ 2 Adam Mammoliti (UNSW) Maximal r-Matching Sequencibility of Graphs and Hypergraphs (slides, 702KB)
19/ 2 Fabio Salassa (Politecnico di Torino) No-idle, no-wait: when shop scheduling meets dominoes, Eulerian and Hamiltonian paths          (slides, 483KB)
12/ 2 Carly Bodkin The Combinatorics of (0,1)-Matrices (PhD progress review)
29/ 1 Violeta Vasilevska (Utah Valley U) Power Domination and Zero Forcing (slides, 754KB)
22/ 1/18 Michael Payne Geometric hypergraphs, poset dimension and colouring

2017 events:

11/12/17 Joanna Ellis-Monaghan (St Michael's College)        New Dualities From Old: generating geometric, Petrie, and Wilson dualities and trialities of ribbon graphs
5/12 Graham Farr Making links and breaking codes: A public lecture to celebrate the centenary of mathematician Bill Tutte
4-9/12 5th International Combinatorics Conference (5ICC) at Monash University: https://www.monash.edu/5icc/
27/11 Kevin Hendrey When graphs are too small to be avoided
24/11 Janos Makowsky (Technion) Integer Sequences Arising from Graph Polynomials: An Application of a Theorem by C. Blatter and E. Specker
22/11 Janos Makowsky (Technion) P versus NP over arbitrary structures
20/11 Andrew Elvey Price (Melb) Enumerating Planar Eulerian Orientations (slides, 888KB)
17/11 Kai Siong Yow Tutte invariants for alternating dimaps (PhD Pre-submission Seminar)
13/11 Rajko Nenadov Spanning universality in random graphs (slides, 3.7MB)
6/11 Jane Gao The satisfiability threshold and solution geometry of random linear equations over finite fields (slides, 2MB)
30/10 Anita Liebenau On the weak Erdős-Hajnal conjecture for trees (slides, 211KB)
9/10 Rhyd Lewis (Cardiff) Three real-world operational research problems and their underlying graph properties (slides, 4.2MB)
2/10 Tim Wilson Path-Dependent Graph Colouring     (PhD Pre-Submission Seminar)
25/ 9 Bill Tutte Centenary Celebration
Talks by: Graham Farr, Kerri Morgan, Amin Sakzad, Ron Steinfeld, Kai Siong Yow, Ranjie Mo, Jane Gao, Sanming Zhou (Melb.), David Wood, Grant Cairns (La Trobe), Norman Do, Daniel Mathews, Andrew Elvey Price (Melb.), Nick Wormald.
18/ 9 David Wood What do African Rhythms and the Hebrew calendar have in common?
11/ 9 Darcy Best Transversal this, transversal that     (PhD Pre-Submission Seminar)
4/ 9 Saieed Akbari (Sharif U) Zero-Sum Flows and Circular Zero-Sum Flows in Graphs
28/ 8 Mikhail Isaev Enumeration. Martingales. Random graphs (slides, 338KB)
21/ 8 Grace Misere (La Trobe) Annulus and Pants Thrackle drawings (slides, 390KB)      (preprint)
14/ 8 Graham Farr W. T. Tutte: Graph theory as he had grown it
7/ 8 Ashish Das (IIT Bombay) E(s2)- and UE(s2)-Optimal Supersaturated Designs
31/ 7 Michael Brand Small polyomino packing (slides, 4.3MB)
24/ 7 Kevin Leckey The asymptotic compression rate of Lempel-Ziv on Markov sources
Nick Wormald Latin rectangles meet random graphs
10/ 7 János Pach (Budapest, Lausanne) The translative covering conjecture (slides, 3.2MB)
Pavel Valtr (Charles U) Convex polygons and empty convex polygons in planar point sets
26/ 6 Daniel Horsley Locating arrays (slides, 2.5MB)
12/ 6 Daniel Horsley Switching techniques for edge decompositions of graphs (slides, 648KB)
29/ 5 Santiago Barrera Acevedo Perfect Sequences over the Quaternions and (4n,2,4n,2n)-Relative Difference Sets in Zn × Q8      (slides, 493KB)      (paper)
22/ 5 Rajko Nenadov Triangle factors in pseudo random graphs
8/ 5 David Wood Improper relaxations of Hadwiger's Conjecture
1/ 5 David Wood Improper Colourings inspired by Hadwiger's Conjecture
24/ 4 Taísa Martins (Warwick) Finitely forcible graph limits are universal (slides, 698KB)
Daniel Král' (Warwick) Elusive problems in extremal graph theory (slides, 286KB)
10/ 4 Nick Cavenagh (Waikato) Constructing (0,1)-matrices with large minimal defining sets. (slides, 41KB)
3/ 4 Rebecca Robinson Topological containment of the 5-clique minus an edge in 4-connected graphs (slides, 236KB)
27/ 3 Tamas Kalman (Tokyo IT) The Tutte polynomial, hypergraphs, and duality
22/ 3 Srinibas Swain Towards an online graph atlas      (PhD Mid-Candidature Review)
20/ 3 Rajko Nenadov Covering random graphs by monochromatic cycles (slides, 468KB)
13/ 3 Jan van den Heuvel (LSE) Graph Colouring with Distances (slides, 628KB)
8/ 3 Keisuke Shiromoto (Kumamoto) Critical Problem for Matroids and Codes (slides, 3.8MB)
8/ 3 Graham Farr Powerful sets: a generalisation of binary linear spaces
8/ 3 Billy Crawford Permanents of Higher Dimensional Matrices      (PhD Mid-Candidature Review)
6/ 3 Thomas Britz (UNSW) A Nice Proof of Wei's Duality Theorem (slides, 350KB)
27/ 2 Eric Zhou Face-cubic model on the complete graph (slides, 2MB)
20/ 2 David Ellison (RMIT) The Game of Cops and Robbers on Graphs (slides, 238KB)
13/ 2 David Pike (Memorial U of Newfoundland)      The chromatic index of block-intersection graphs of Steiner triple systems      (slides, 799KB)
16/ 1/17     Sara Herke (UQ)        Hamilton Decompositions of Infinite Circulant Graphs        (slides, 520KB)

2016 events:

19/12/16 Rebecca Stones (Nankai) Computing autotopism groups of partial Latin rectangles: a pilot study (slides, 993KB)
9/12 40ACCMCC Practice Talks:
Kai Siong Yow Tutte Invariants for Alternating Dimaps
Ranjie Mo Two infinite families of pairs of Tutte equivalent 2-connected graphs with certificates
Rebecca Robinson Topological containment of the 5-clique minus an edge in 4-connected graphs
Rajko Nenadov Size Ramsey Numbers of Bounded-Degree Triangle-Free Graphs
Kerri Morgan New types of chromatic factorisation
Graham Farr Powerful sets and codes: binary functions with Tutte-Whitney polynomials
5/12 Primoz Moravec (Ljubljana) Transitivity of properties of two-generator subgroups of finite groups (slides, 256KB)
28/11 Rajko Nenadov On Komlós' tiling theorem in random graphs
21/11 Pierre Coupechoux (LAAS-CNRS) Extension of universal cycles for globally identifying colorings of cycles (slides, 701KB)
14/11 Rosalind Hoyte Cycle decompositions of the complete graph with a hole (PhD pre-submission seminar)
7/11 Graham Farr Whitney's 1932 paper, `The coloring of graphs'. II
31/10 Graham Farr Whitney's 1932 paper, `The coloring of graphs'. I
10/10 Heiko Dietrich Computing with finite p-groups
3/10 Tobias Moede (TU Braunschweig) Nilpotent associative algebras and coclass theory (slides, 383KB)
26/ 9 David Treeby A moment's thought: using physical arguments to establish Fibonacci summations (slides, 248KB)
19/ 9 Morten Wesche (TU Braunschweig) On the classification of algebras (notes, 868KB)
12/ 9 Şule Yazıcı (Koç U) Estimates of the coverage of parameter space by Latin Hypercube and Orthogonal sampling (slides, 598KB)
5/ 9 Trent Marbach Transversal and trades in latin squares (slides, 1.4MB)
29/ 8 Rajko Nenadov Ramsey properties of random graphs (a short introduction to the `hypergraph containers' method) (slides, 689KB)
22/ 8 Yezhou Wang (UESTC) Partition congruences in the spirit of Ramanujan (slides, 2.6MB)
15/ 8 Jonathan Spreer (UQ) Tight triangulations: a link between combinatorics and topology (slides, 1.7MB)
8/ 8 Vyacheslav M. Abramov On the connection between Pólya type random walks and birth-and-death processes
1/ 8 Pierre Le Bodic An abstract model for the Branch & Bound algorithm in Mixed Integer Programming (slides, 665KB)
25/ 7 Tenth Birthday Problem Session
Problems/puzzles/queries posed by: Michael Brand, Heiko Dietrich, Daniel Horsley, David Wood, Nick Wormald.
11/ 7 David Wood A digraph colouring problem
4/ 7 Nick Cavenagh (Waikato) Generalizations of Hall's theorem and generalizations of Latin squares
27/ 6 Jane Gao Uniform generation of random regular graphs (slides, 543KB)
24/ 6 Tim Wilson Abelian square-free graph colouring (PhD Mid-Candidature Review)
20/ 6 Heiko Dietrich Groups with self-centralising subgroups
13/6 - 17/6        Workshop at Monash Probabilistic and Extremal Combinatorics Downunder      ( http://users.monash.edu.au/~davidwo/Downunder/ )
9/ 6 Patrice Ossona de Mendez (EHESS, Paris)        Structural sparsity (Graph theory meets model theory)        (School of Mathematical Sciences Colloquium)        (slides, 5MB)
6/ 6 Amin Coja-Oghlan (Goethe U Frankfurt)        Limits of discrete probability distributions                    (link to paper: http://arxiv.org/abs/1512.06798)
30/ 5 Nick Wormald and Anita Liebenau      The degree sequence of a random graph, and asymptotic enumeration of regular graphs
           Darcy Best Transversals in latin squares (Mid-Candidature Review)
23/ 5 Lutz Warnke (Cambridge) The phase transition in bounded-size Achlioptas processes
20/ 5 Carly Bodkin Maximising the number of extensions of Latin rectangles (PhD confirmation)
16/ 5 Daniel Horsley Generalising Fisher's inequality to coverings and packings (slides, 1.9MB)
9/ 5 Jessica Purcell Diagrammatically maximal and geometrically maximal knots (slides, 776KB)
6/ 5 Faculty of I.T. Claude Shannon Centenary Celebration
2/ 5 Rajko Nenadov Universality properties of random graphs (slides, 880KB)
18/ 4 David Wood Edge-Maximal Graphs Embedded on Surfaces
11/ 4 Michael Payne Implementing an algorithm for the the k-Steiner tree problem
4/ 4 Ian Wanless Many many Latin squares have no transversal
14/ 3 Daniel Mathews Trinities, hypergraphs and contact structures (slides, 2.2MB)
29/ 2 Norman Do Counting curves on surfaces (slides, 212KB)
15/ 2 Michael Brand The IMP game: approximability, learnability and adversarial learning beyond Σ01        (slides, 4.3MB)
8/ 2 Graham Farr The history of Tutte-Whitney polynomials
5/ 2 Srinibas Swain Towards an Online Graph Atlas (PhD confirmation)
3/ 2 Kevin Hendrey The Extremal Function for Petersen Minors (PhD confirmation)
18/ 1 Cristiane Sato (UFABC) Sparsifying sums of positive semidefinite matrices (slides, 265KB)
11/1/16    Malwina Luczak (Queen Mary)        The Greedy Independent Set in a Random Graph with Given Degrees    (slides, 517KB)

2015 events:

15/12/15     Penny Haxell (Waterloo) Edge colouring multigraphs (slides, 123KB)
3/12 Bruce Reed (McGill) How to determine if a random graph with a fixed degree sequence has a giant component       (School of Mathematical Sciences Colloquium)       (slides, 1.5MB)
30/11 Saad El-Zanati (Illinois State U) Cyclic C_m-decompositions of 2-fold complete graphs
27/11 Hooman Reisi Dehkordi Local manipulations of embeddings of graphs and the Hanani-Tutte theorem (PhD mid-candidature review)
23/11 Reshma Ramadurai (Waikato) On the distance between Latin squares (slides, 426KB)
Gautam Appa (LSE) Mathematical Programming tools for some Mutually Orthogonal Latin Squares problems (slides, 644KB)
16/11 Ian Wanless Embedding small partial Latin squares in Cayley tables (slides, 253KB)
9/11 Nick Cavenagh (Waikato) Orthomorphisms of the cyclic group
2/11 Kevin Hendrey The extremal function for Petersen minors (slides, 345KB)
26/10 Billy Crawford Permanents of Higher Dimensional Matrices (PhD confirmation)
19/10 Krzysztof Choromanski (Google Research)        The Erdos-Hajnal Conjecture, structured non-linear graph-based hashing and b-matching anonymization via perfect matchings counting (slides, 38MB)
12/10 Problem Session (chair: Kerri Morgan)
5/10 Amin Sakzad Massive MIMO Physical Layer Cryptography through Inverse Precoding (slides, 532KB)
Graham Farr The probabilistic method meets Go. II
21/9 Kevin Leckey An Introduction to Tries (slides, 557KB)
14/9 Levent Tunçel (Waterloo) Coffman-Sethi conjecture in multiprocessor scheduling
7/9 Anita Liebenau The oriented-cycle game (slides, 444KB)
31/8 Rebecca Stones (Nankai) Weights of partial Latin rectangles with specified symmetry groups (slides, 614KB)
27/8 Rosie Hoyte Cycle decompositions of the complete graph with a hole (PhD mid-candidature review)
24/8 Kais Hamza Bootstrap Random Walks (slides, 6.7MB)
17/8 Julien Braine (ENS de Lyon)      Cryptographic Program Watermarking, Constructions and Limits (slides, 666KB)
10/8 Matthew Kwan (ETH) Spanning substructures in randomly perturbed graphs and hypergraphs (slides, 450KB)
3/8 Michael Brand Birch's note on a problem by Erdős
27/7 Emanuele Viterbo Harmonic analysis of binary functions (slides, 466KB)
20/7 Cerasela Tanasescu (RMIT) About some robustness and complexity properties of G-graphs
29/6 Daniel Horsley Alspach's cycle decomposition problem for multigraphs (slides, 367KB)
26/6 Kai Siong Yow Triality and minors for graphs, maps and binary functions (PhD confirmation)
22/6 Graham Farr The probabilistic method meets Go
15/6 Graham Farr Introduction to the probabilistic method
8/6 Eric Swartz (UWA) Highly symmetric Hadamard matrices
1/6 Padraig Ó Catháin Designs, permutation groups and centraliser algebras
25/5 Marc Demange (RMIT) On choosability of graphs with limited number of colours (slides, 3MB)
18/5 Amin Sakzad Full Diversity Unitary Precoded Integer-Forcing (slides, 2.3MB)
11/5 David Wood Monotone Expanders and Applications
5/5 Chris Godsil (Waterloo) What can quantum walks tell us about graphs?
4/5 Laura Hindersin (Max Planck Inst. for Evolutionary Biology)        Evolutionary dynamics on graphs (slides, 757KB)
27/4 Bridget Webb (Open U) Homogeneous and set-homogeneous Steiner triple systems
20/4 Joel Miller Haven't I seen you before? Accounting for partnership duration in infectious disease modeling
13/4 Heiko Dietrich Classifying p-groups by coclass
30/3 Nick Wormald Tutte's 3-flow conjecture is almost always true
23/3 Daniel Harvey Cycles of given size in a dense graph (slides, 205KB; notes for whiteboard, 135KB)
16/3 Darcy Best Finding Long Transversals in Latin Squares (PhD confirmation)
9/3 Marcel Jackson (La Trobe) Flexible satisfaction
2/3 Jack Koolen (USTC) On graphs with three distinct eigenvalues (slides, 394KB)
23/2 Amin Coja-Oghlan (Goethe U Frankfurt)       Long-range vs short-range effects in random graph coloring
4/2/15    Narjess Afzaly (ANU)       A Hierarchy Canonical Labelling for Graphs and its Application in Generation of Graphs

2014 events:

15/12/14 Karsten Klein Clustered Planarity - An Overview on Recent Advances
24/11 Tim Garoni The Prokofiev-Svistunov process for the Ising model is rapidly mixing (slides, 2.3MB)
19/11 Jayama Mahamendige Autoparatopisms of Quasigroups and Latin Squares (PhD mid-candidature review)
18/11 Peter Eades (Sydney) How to Draw a Graph with One Bad Edge
17/11 Asha Rao (RMIT) An algorithm for constructing Hjelmslev planes (slides, 2.9MB; video clip, 1.1MB)
14/11 Hooman Reisi Dehkordi Geometric Realisation of Graphs in Three Dimensions (PhD confirmation)
Ranjie Mo Automated Certificate Searching and Certificate Length Bounds for Graph Polynomials (PhD mid-candidature review)
10/11 Heiko Dietrich Computing with real Lie algebras
3/11 Nick Wormald On the diameter and longest paths in random Apollonian networks
27/10 Greg Markowsky Foster's Network Theorems on finite and infinite graphs and connections to random walks
20/10 Falk Schreiber Graph algorithms and graph measures for the life sciences (slides, 13.2MB)
13/10 Ian Wanless Trades and Hadamard matrices
29/ 9 Padraig Ó Catháin Design theory and compressed sensing (slides, 173KB)
22/ 9 Nevena Francetić Covering Arrays with Row Limit (slides, 1.4MB)
15/ 9 Norman Do Counting surfaces: ribbon graphs, branched covers, and more
12/ 9 Rebecca Stones A Latin square autotopism secret sharing scheme (slides, 306KB)
8/ 9 Graham Farr, Kerri Morgan and Greg Markowsky              Highlights of the Seoul ICM 2014                      (slides, 458KB; more slides, 46MB; photos of Baduk/Go/Weiqi event)
1/ 9 Michael Brand Highlights from the FUN 2014 conference (slides, 7.1MB)
25/ 8 Serdar Boztas (RMIT) Guessing Attacks and Their Performance (slides, 805KB)
11/ 8 James Zhao (U Southern California) Sampling Graphs with Given Degrees (slides, 379KB)
4/ 8 Nhan Bao Ho The game of STAR NIM and the STAR SUM of SILVER DOLLARs
30/ 7 Charles Colbourn (Arizona State U)      Linear Extensions and Sequence Covering Arrays (slides, 199KB)
Violet Syrotiuk (Arizona State U) Topology and Load-Aware Persistence for Medium Access Control in Wireless Networks      (Faculty of IT seminar)
28/ 7 Tony Guttmann (Melb) Classical pattern avoiding permutations
25/ 7 Seok-Hee Hong (Sydney) Generalisation of Steinitz's Theorem, Fary's Theorem and Tutte's Barycenter Theorem
23/ 7 Seok-Hee Hong (Sydney) Beyond Planarity
18/ 7 Rosalind Hoyte Generalisations of the Doyen-Wilson Theorem        (PhD confirmation)
14/ 7 Michael Brand No easy puzzles: A hardness result for jigsaw puzzles (slides, 852KB)
7/ 7 Daniel Harvey The Erdős-Ko-Rado Theorem and the Treewidth of the Kneser Graph (slides, 343KB)
30/ 6 Jane Gao (Waterloo) Solution geometry of a random k-XORSAT near the clustering threshold (slides, 3.8MB)
23/ 6 Graham Farr Which alternating dimaps are binary functions? (slides, 444KB)
16/ 6 Michael Payne (Melb) Bichromatic lines in the plane (slides, 920KB)
9/ 6 Arun Mani Correlation on adjacent pairs of edges in graphs
2/ 6 James Harland (RMIT) The Busy Beaver, the Placid Platypus, and other Crazy Creatures (slides, 4.9MB)
30/ 5 Bin Jia (Melb) A study of link graphs (slides, 868KB)
26/ 5 Nick Wormald Asymptotic enumeration of graphs with given degree sequence
24/ 5 Geelong outing, to see ICT historical sites including punched-card weaving machine at National Wool Museum
19/ 5 Thomas Britz (UNSW) New directions in matroidal coding theory (slides, 346KB)
12/ 5: Daniel Mathews Discrete contact geometry (slides, 2.1MB)
Jiancong Tong (Nankai) The Impact of Solid State Drive on Search Engine Cache Management (slides, 3.3MB)
Pawel Hitczenko (Drexel) On the distribution of symbols in random staircase tableaux      (Pure Mathematics Seminar) (slides, 485KB)
5/ 5 Abbas Mehrabian Randomized Rumour Spreading on Random k-trees (slides, 4.1MB)
28/ 4 Huseyin Acan An evolution of a permutation (slides, 388KB)
23/ 4 Jeff Dinitz (Vermont) Heffter Arrays: Biembeddings of cycle systems on surfaces (slides, 1.2MB)
Nhan Bao Ho The game Euclid, its variants, and continued fractions      (Clayton School of I.T. Seminar) (slides, 351KB)
14/ 4 Stacey Mendan (La Trobe) Graphic sequences: A sharp sufficient condition (slides, 316KB)
13/ 4 Computer History Tour of Melbourne
7/ 4 Heiko Dietrich A brief journey from root systems to Dynkin diagrams (notes, 321KB)
31/ 3 Daniel Horsley Steiner triple systems without parallel classes (slides, 452KB)
Extending Fisher's inequality to coverings (slides, 402KB)
24/ 3 Sarada Herke Uniform 1-Factorisations of Circulant Graphs (slides, 786KB)
Darcy Best Biangular Lines (slides, 209KB)
17/ 3 Ron Steinfeld More Efficient Cryptographic Multilinear Maps from Ideal Lattices (slides, 392KB)
10/ 3 Graham Farr Minors and Tutte invariants for alternating dimaps (slides, 1.8MB)
3/ 3 Gwenaël Joret (Melb) Tree-Width and Dimension
25/ 2 Nick Cavenagh (Waikato) Graph decomposition thresholds
29/ 1 Kerri Morgan The Heidelberg Laureate Forum: A Bucket List of Heroes in Computer Science        (Clayton School of I.T. Seminar)        (slides, 50MB)
21/ 1/14    Matt De Vos (Simon Fraser U)       Immersion in Graphs

2013 events:

16/12/13 Simon Angus (Economics) Graphs in Economics -- a sampler
2/12 Vida Dujmović (Ottawa) Layered Separators with applications to non-repetitive graph colourings
25/11 Graham Farr Alternating dimaps, trinity, minors, Tutte invariants, ... III.
18/11 Gyula Károlyi (Eötvös U) On a problem of Erdös and Heilbronn
11/11 Nick Wormald An introduction to renewals and asymptotics - probability, analysis and combinatorics
4/11 Geoff Whittle (VUW) Rota's Conjecture
28/10 Sanming Zhou (Melb) Nowhere-zero 3-flows in arc-transitive graphs on nilpotent groups (slides, 208KB)
23/10 Amin Sakzad Lattice Coding: From Theory to Applications. Session 3: Further Application in Telecommunications      [held by Dept of ECSE]      (slides, 1.4MB)
21/10 Rosalind Hoyte Perfect 1-Factorisations of Cubic Graphs (slides, 971KB)
Robert Merkel Software testing: an odd optimization problem (slides, 947KB)
18/10 Ranjie Mo Automatic certificate searching for graph polynomials (PhD confirmation)
18/10 Amin Sakzad Lattice Coding: From Theory to Applications. Session 2: Lattices for Channel Coding Problem      [held by Dept of ECSE] (slides, 1.1MB)
14/10 Amin Sakzad Lattice Coding: From Theory to Applications. Session 1: Preliminaries on Lattices and Codes (slides, 894KB)
11/10 Visit to art exhibition at the Australian Synchrotron: Illuminations by Andrew Baird (including portrait of a combinatorialist).
The pictures may also be viewed at the Illuminations project website: http://artscience.net.au/
7/10 Tim Garoni Mixing time of the Swendsen-Wang process on the complete graph (slides, 1.6MB)
23/ 9 Tony Grubman Cycle Decompositions of de Bruijn Graphs for Robot Identification and Tracking (slides, 1.4MB)
16/ 9 Lutz Warnke (Cambridge) Explosive percolation?
9/ 9 Michael Brand Computing with arbitrary and random numbers
4/ 9 Vanessa Teague (Melb) How to vote verifiably in 2014      (Clayton School of IT seminar) (slides, 1.0MB)
2/ 9 Norman Do Counting ribbon graphs: A mixed bag of combinatorics, geometry, and physics
26/ 8 Nick Wormald Random graph processes with maximum degree d - an elementary approach
21/ 8 Jayama Mahamendige Autoparatopisms of quasigroups (PhD mid-candidature review)
12/ 8 Adeline Langlois (ENS de Lyon) Classical Hardness of Learning With Errors (slides, 558KB)
5/ 8 David Fear Cyclotomic Orthomorphisms (PhD mid-candidature review)
31/ 7 Yuliang Zheng (U North Carolina) Signcryption      (Clayton School of I.T. Seminar) (slides, 2.7MB)
22/ 7 David Wood Geometric Thickness and the Treewidth of Graphs
15/ 7 Emily Marshall (Vanderbilt)        Characterization of K_{2,4}-minor-free graphs
8/ 7 Problem session
1/ 7 Graham Farr William Tutte           (Laborastory practice talk. The Laborastory talk itself (11 mins) is at http://thelaborastory.com/stories/william-thomas-tutte/ )
25/ 6 Heiko Dietrich Investigating radical groups
24/ 6 Michael Brand Computing with arbitrary and random numbers (PhD pre-submission seminar)
10/ 6 Graham Farr Some simple excluded surface minor results
3/ 6 Daniel Horsley Decomposing complete bipartite graphs into short cycles and related results
28/ 5 Graham Farr Alternating dimaps, trinity, minors, Tutte, ... (cont'd)
27/ 5 Kevin Fray Polynomial Methods in Combinatorial Geometry
21/ 5 Graham Farr Alternating dimaps, trinity, minors, Tutte, ...
20/ 5 Abbas Mehrabian Random Apollonian Networks (slides, 1.5MB)
13/ 5 John Betts Calculating target inventory levels for constrained production: a fast simulation-based approximation
6/ 5 Emanuele Viterbo Twenty years of Sphere Decoding
30/ 4 Mathieu Bogaerts (U Libre de Bruxelles)     Regular automorphism group of 1-factorization of complete mutipartite graphs
29/ 4 Murray Elder (Newcastle) "Almost" automorphisms of trees, and R. Thompson's group F
22/ 4 Mathieu Bogaerts (U Libre de Bruxelles)     LP and SDP upper bounds for Permutation Arrays (slides, 2.3MB)
18/ 4 Alexander Guterman (Moscow State U)     Tropical linear algebra and its applications     (School of Mathematical Sciences Colloquium)
16/ 4 Ian Wanless Permanents and Determinants of Latin Squares
15/ 4 Alexander Guterman (Moscow State U)     Pólya permanent problem: a century after
8/ 4 Arun Konagurthu Succinct string data structures and efficient pattern matching
25/ 3 Heiko Dietrich Computing with matrix groups
18/ 3 Peter Danziger (Ryerson) The Generalised Oberwolfach Problem: The Bipartite Case (slides, 2.4MB)
Ron Steinfeld The SIS Problem and Related Tools of Lattice-Based Cryptography. II
12/ 3 Ron Steinfeld The SIS Problem and Related Tools of Lattice-Based Cryptogrphy. I
4/ 3 Arun Mani The number of labeled connected graphs on n vertices modulo a prime power
25/ 2 Graham Farr Graph fragmentability and planarisation
13/ 2 Special session on succinct data structures (Clayton School of IT seminar):
Simon Gog (Melb) Compressed suffix trees in practice (slides, 707KB)
Timo Beller (Ulm) Computing the longest common prefix array based on the Burrows-Wheeler transform(slides, 771KB)
Jyrki Katajainen (Copenhagen)       Improved address-calculation coding of integer arrays (slides, 150KB)
11/ 2 Nick Wormald Small subgraph conditioning, cycle factors, restricted permutations, and combs
8/ 2 attended AMSI Seminar at UWS, via Access Grid Room:
Gene Abrams (Colorado)        Leavitt path algebras, something for everyone: algebra, analysis, graph theory, number theory
5/ 2 Daniel Horsley More Steiner triple systems with no almost parallel class (slides, 445KB)
Mahasen Sooriyabandara How many ways are there to tile a surface? (CSIRO Big Day In practice talk)
29/ 1 Ian Wanless van Rees loops and Steiner triple systems
14/ 1/13    David Wood Visibility Graphs: Many Conjectures and a Few Theorems

2012 events:

19/12/12    You-Jin Deng (USTC) Anti-ferromagnetic Potts model in two dimensions
18/12 Bruce Reed (McGill) The Hajos Conjecture is almost always true
17/12 Mark Ellingham (Vanderbilt) Hamiltonicity of 3-connected planar graphs with forbidden minors
4/12 Hans Lausch Aspects of finite groups. VIII
27/11 Michael Brand Muenchhausen matrices (slides, 555KB)
23/11 Hans Lausch Aspects of finite groups. VII
20/11 Nick Cavenagh (Waikato) Near homogeneous spherical Latin bitrades
16/11 Hans Lausch Aspects of finite groups. VI
13/11 Ron Aharoni (Technion) Open problems in hypergraph matching
9/11 Hans Lausch Aspects of finite groups. V
6/11 Marcus Brazil (Melb) Minimum Opaque Covers for Polygonal Regions (slides, 160KB)
5/11 Padraig Ó Catháin (UQ) Hadamard matrices, difference sets and doubly transitive group actions (slides, 221KB)
2/11 Hans Lausch Aspects of finite groups. IV
1/11 Damien Stehle (ENS de Lyon) Computing with Euclidean lattices (Clayton School of IT Seminar) (slides, 826KB)
31/10 Daniel Horsley Small embeddings of partial Steiner triple systems (slides, 413KB)
30/10 Chris Ling Introduction to Petri nets (slides, 440KB)
26/10 Hans Lausch Aspects of finite groups. III
23/10 Hons practice talks:
Tony Grubman Embedding spherical latin trades into Abelian groups
Rui Chen Certificates for properties of reliability polynomials
16/10 Peter Lin Mixing times for the random cluster model (Hons practice talk) (slides, 607KB)
9/10 Hans Lausch Aspects of finite groups. II
5/10 Nathan Clisby (Melb) Connections between graph theory and the virial expansion (slides, 316KB)
2/10 Hans Lausch Aspects of finite groups
25/ 9 Problem Session
Problems/queries posed by: Ron Steinfeld, Jayama Mahamendige, Tony Grubman
18/ 9 Amin Sakzad Cycle Structure of Permutation Functions From Finite Fields (slides, 500KB)
14/ 9 Alan Turing Centenary Celebration, part of Alan Turing Year
11/ 9 Graham Farr The Polynomial Hierarchy
4/ 9 Problem Session
Problems/queries posed by: Marsha Minchencko, Daniel Horsley, Graham Farr, Norman Do
28/ 8 Norman Do Dominoes, Dimers and Determinants (slides, 454KB)
21/ 8 Catherine Greenhill (UNSW) Fast and slow mixing of Markov chains for the ferromagnetic Potts model (slides, 106KB)
16/ 8 Joyce Lele Zhang A study of Macroscopic Fundamental Diagrams of arterial road networks using stochastic cellular automata     [joint with Computational Maths Group]
14/ 8 Ian Wanless Things I dimly remember about Smith normal form and Abelian groups
7/ 8 Ian Wanless An improved bound for the order of an autotopism
31/ 7 Charles Colbourn (Arizona State U)    Sequence Covering Arrays (slides, 272KB)
26/ 7 Prabhu Manyem (Shanghai U) Expressibility at the machine level versus structure level: ESO universal Horn Logic and the class P     (slides, 425KB)
25/ 7 Michael Brand Highlights of the Turing Centenary Conference (Clayton School of IT seminar) (slides, 2MB)
24/ 7 Arun Konagurthu What is the minimal dictionary of substructures of which all known proteins are made?
17/ 7 Alan Pryde Subdominant eigenvalues of some linear search schemes (slides, 102KB)
10/ 7 Ron Steinfeld Secure multiparty computation from graph colouring (slides, 429KB)
3/ 7 Ian Wanless      Things I dimly remember about group presentations
27/ 6Maria Garcia de la Banda Redundant inequalities in Sudoku and Latin Squares (slides, 398KB)
19/ 6Ian Wanless Discussion of the refereeing process (slides, 498KB)
12/ 6 Daniel Horsley Extending the Bruck-Ryser-Chowla Theorem to Coverings (slides, 307KB)
Ian Wanless Triceratopisms of Quasigroups (slides, 218KB)
5/ 6 Ranjie Mo Certificates for properties of stability polynomials of graphs (Hons final practice talk)
30/ 5 Rui Chen Certificates for properties of reliability polynomials of graphs (Hons interim practice talk)
Ranjie Mo Examples of certificates of equivalence and factorisation for stability polynomials of graphs
29/ 5 Jayama Mahamendige Autoparatopisms of quasigroups (PhD confirmation)
22/ 5 Tony Grubman Embedding Spherical Latin Trades into Abelian Groups (Hons practice talk)
15/ 5 Amin Sakzad (Dept of ECSE, Monash)       Ambiguity and Deficiency of Permutations
8/ 5 David Fear Two problems of Evans dealing with cyclotomic orthomorphisms
1/ 5 Ian Wanless Row Complete Latin Squares
24/ 4 Kathy Horadam (RMIT) Coboundaries and a new invariant for cryptographic functions (slides, 481KB)
17/ 4 Xiande Zhang Latin Retransmission Permutation Arrays
11/ 4 Bao Ho (La Trobe) Subtraction games with expandable subtraction sets (slides, 250KB)
3/ 4 Peter Eades (Sydney) How to Draw a Graph, Revisited (slides, 14MB)
2/ 4 Janos Barat Disproving the List Hadwiger Conjecture
27/ 3 Alan Pryde Introduction to octonions (notes, 54KB)
19/ 3 Jaromy Kuhl (U West Florida) Complete tripartite graphs and their competition numbers (slides, 174KB)
13/ 3 Nick Cavenagh (Waikato) Induced subarrays of latin squares without repeated symbols
7/ 3 David Fear Cyclotomic orthomorphisms (PhD confirmation)
29/ 2 Ali Eshragh (Adelaide) Can Hamiltonian Cycle Problem be Solved with High Probability in Polynomial Time? (slides, 1.1MB)
22/ 2 Problem session
Problems/queries posed by: Graham Farr, Daniel Horsley, Michael Brand, Janos Barat
15/ 2 Jacobus Koolen (Pohang U of S&T, South Korea)       On graphs with smallest eigenvalue more than -3 (slides, 384KB)
Franz Brandenburg (Passau) Rank Aggregation Problems (Clayton School of IT seminar) (slides, 362KB)
8/ 2 Franz Brandenburg (Passau) Stacks, Queues, Deques and their Representation as Graphs (slides, 888KB)
Franz Brandenburg (Passau)       Graph Drawing: Algorithms for the Visualisation of Data (Clayton School of IT seminar) (slides, 707KB)
25/ 1 Marsha Minchenko The search for connected regular integral graphs (PhD completion review)
18/ 1 Problem session, and farewell to Daniel Delbourgo and Arun Mani
Problems/queries posed by: Arun Mani, Daniel Delbourgo, Graham Farr, Michael Brand, Doug Stones, Tim Garoni
11/ 1 Bill Jackson (Queen Mary) Zero-free intervals for chromatic polynomials
4/ 1/12    Bill Jackson (Queen Mary)    Radically solvable graphs

2011 events:

21/12/11  Tony Evans (Wright State U) A proof of the Hall-Paige Conjecture (slides, 893KB)
15/12 Peter Cameron (Queen Mary) Hadamard matrices and conference matrices (slides, 301KB)
14/12 Peter Cameron (Queen Mary) Combinatorial representations (slides, 218KB)
12/12 Geoff Whittle (VUW) Well-quasi-ordering binary matroids (slides, 1.7MB)
5/12-9/12   35th Australasian Conf on Combinatorial Mathematics and Combinatorial Computing (35 ACCMCC), at Monash
1/12 Daniel Horsley Alspach's conjecture (slides, 434KB)
30/11 Keith Edwards (Dundee) Series-parallelisation of graphs (slides, 285KB)
24/11 Alan Pryde Introduction to quaternions (notes, 40KB)
23/11 Graham Brightwell (LSE) The Linear Extension Diameter of Posets
21/11 Michael Brand Adding numbers to RAMs (PhD confirmation) (slides, 92KB)
16/11 Chris Monteith Finding automorphisms during canonical representation
9/11 Doug Stones Protein structure networks (slides, 1.2MB)
3/11 Nick Wormald (Waterloo) Cops and robber on a random graph
26/10 Adam Bohn (Queen Mary) Two conjectures on chromatic roots (part II)
Practice interim Hons talks:
Zoe Bukovac Certificates for properties of chromatic polynomials
Ranjie Mo Certificates for properties of stability polynomials
20/10 Daniel Delbourgo Number-theoretic invariants arising from chromatic roots
19/10 Adam Bohn (Queen Mary) Two conjectures on chromatic roots (part I)
12/10 Anitha Thillaisundaram (Cambridge)        The concept of p-deficiency and its applications
5/10 Ian Wanless and Xiande Zhang Covering radius of sets of permutations
28/ 9 Problem session
21/ 9 Vanessa Teague (Melb) Pretty Good Democracy (slides, 1.1MB)
14/ 9 Xiande Zhang The alpha-Arboricity of Complete Uniform Hypergraph (slides, 1.7MB)
7/ 9 Janos Barat Beyond planar graphs: crossings and colorings
31/ 8 David Wood (Melb) Irreducible Triangulations of Surfaces
24/ 8 Michael Brand The Utilitarian Bargaining Solution Revisited (slides, 286KB)
18/ 8 Graham Farr The stability polynomial
10/ 8 Douglas Stones Debunking the current theory of network motifs; proposing a new ``general'' theory of network motifs (slides, 414KB)
3/ 8 Uwe Schwerdtfeger (Melb) Brownian Motion Area with Generatingfunctionology (slides, 229KB)
27/ 7 Tim Garoni The cluster-algorithm paradigm for Monte Carlo simulations of discrete statistical-mechanical models
20/ 7 Yuan-Fang Li Graph-based metrics for software & ontologies
13/ 7 Brian Jenney Some comments on Weibull Analysis. A practical graphical exercise.
6/ 7 Michael Brand Counting integer solutions to x^2+y^2=n
29/ 6 Problem session:
Problems/queries posed by Kerri Morgan, Michael Brand, Graham Farr, Daniel Horsley, Arun Mani
22/ 6 Graham Farr Which quadratic integers can be chromatic roots? II.
15/ 6 Graham Farr Which quadratic integers can be chromatic roots?
8/ 6 Nick Beaton (Melb) Self-avoiding walks
1/ 6 Talk-athon:
short presentations (Research Presentation Day practice) by David Green, Kerri Morgan; poster presentation by Marsha Minchenko (poster, 235KB); nauty presentation by Chris Monteith
25/ 5 Daniel Horsley Trails of triples in Steiner triple systems (slides, 799KB)
18/ 5 Grant Cairns (La Trobe) Variations on the Erdos-Gallai Theorem (slides, 335KB)
11/ 5 Yoni Nazarathy (Swinburne) Finite Buffer Fluid Networks with Overflows (slides, 1.8MB)
Doug Stones Network motifs [via Skype from Nankai U, China] (slides, 393KB)
4/ 5 David Fear Cyclotomic Orthomorphisms
20/ 4 Tim Garoni (Melb) Markov-chain Monte Carlo algorithms for studying cycle spaces, with some applications to graph colouring (slides, 2MB)
13/ 4 No talk. Informal Tamil New Year's Eve morning tea.
6/ 4 Graham Farr The chromatic polynomial. V. Tensions, duality, definition of flow poly
30/ 3 Graham Farr The chromatic polynomial. IV. Coefficients, broken circuits
23/ 3 Andrea Bedini (Melb) A tree-decomposed transfer matrix for computing exact partition functions for arbitrary graphs (slides, 449KB)
16/ 3 Greg Markowsky Random Walks and Electric Resistance on Distance-Regular Graphs (slides, 1.1MB)
9/ 3 Daniel Horsley A Solution to Alspach's Problem for Complete Graphs of Large Odd Order (slides, 756KB)
2/ 3 Graham Farr The chromatic polynomial. III. Edge-subset expression, values at powers of 2
16/ 2 Graham Farr The chromatic polynomial. II.
9/ 2 Graham Farr The chromatic polynomial. I.
2/ 2 Doug Stones Network motifs (slides, 250KB)
19/ 1 Michael Brand How many solutions there are to a^2+b^2=c for a given c, in the context of finite fields
12/ 1/11    Arun Mani Congruences for the number of labeled forests on n vertices

2010 events:

1/12/10  Petteri Kaski (Aalto U) Counting in halves by trimming the zeta transform
24/11 Petteri Kaski (Aalto U) Computing the Tutte polynomial in vertex-exponential time
17/11 no mtg?
10/11 Doug Stones [problems from trip to China]
3/11 Ian Wanless A newly unearthed connection between information theory and matrix permanents
27/10 Victorian Telecommunications Museum visit
20/10 Ian Wanless Eulerian quasigroups and neighbour-balanced designs
6/10 Michael Brand Quining Friedman numbers (slides from later talk at VAC29, 108KB)
15/ 9 Wendy Baratta (Melb) Like, totally random sequences, aka pseudonoise sequences
8/ 9 Antonio Lei (Maths) From elliptic curves to modular forms
1/ 9 Nick Cavenagh (Waikato)  A connection between transversals and score sequences of tournaments
11/ 8 Leo Lopes (Maths) Some Quadratic Assignment Formulations and their impact on Gurobi (slides, 697KB)
4/ 8 Ian Wanless Perfect matchings and rook polynomials
23/ 6 Alasdair McAndrew (VU)    The computer system Sage for number theory and cryptography (slides, 274KB)
9/ 6 Martin Gardner event (marking his death in May):
Graham Farr Hexaflexagons
Marsha Minchenko Csaszar polyhedron
Rebecca Robinson The Icosian Game and the Tower of Hanoi
David Albrecht Cutting the plane and finite differences
Doug Stones Magic squares
Michael Brand Conway's Game of Life
2/ 6 Arun Mani Bounds for Tutte polynomials of square lattices
19/ 5 Ian Wanless Results towards the Dittert Conjecture
5/ 5 Doug Stones Formulae for the Alon-Tarsi Conjecture (slides, 573KB)
28/ 4 David Green The network theory of complexity - progress and issues
14/ 4 Kyle Pula Applications of Alon's Combinatorial Nullstellensatz to Latin Squares
12/ 4 Graham Farr Problems from the online graph atlas project
31/ 3 Chris Mears Constraint Programming and Symmetry Breaking for finding Latin square autotopisms
29/ 3 Brendan McKay (ANU) Asymtpotic enumeration of correlation-immune functions (slides, 175KB)
17/ 3 Michael Payne (Melb) Cutting squares into triangles
10/ 3 Problem session
Doug Stones Coloured Latin squares
3/ 3 Problem session
Ian Wanless Problem from economics about sets of rankings of members of a set
24/ 2 Nick Cavenagh (Waikato) How to build a random design
17/ 2 Problem session:
Kyle Pula Problem on edge-coloured complete graphs with no rainbow-coloured even cycles
Doug Stones Counting unlabelled trees with k leaves
Ian Wanless Minimising permanent on certain faces of the polytope of doubly stochastic matrices
9/ 2/10    Seok-Zun Song (Cheju National U, South Korea)        Linear preservers

2009 events:

16/12/09 Jenny Woodcock (U of Victoria, Canada)       Furthering the search for torus obstructions
+ Christmas function: Mathematical Balderdash
9/12 Problem session
2/12 John Bamberg (UWA) Finite generalised quadrangles where the number of lines on a point is a prime plus one
Alice Devillers (UWA) Locally s-distance transitive graphs
25/11 ACCMCC practice talks:
Josh Browning Counting Subsquares of Latin Squares
Marsha Minchenko Closed Walks in a regular graph (slides, 276KB)
18/11 Kyle Pula Partial Transversals of Latin Squares
11/11 Discussion, especially of possible titles for Doug's thesis!
4/11 Xu Guangjun (Melb) A study of 3-arc graphs (slides, 91KB)
Doug Stones On automorphisms of quasigroups (VAC practice talk) (slides, 360KB)
28/10 Doug Stones Analysis meets combinatorics: A proof of a conjecture on multi-Latin squares (slides, 385KB)
21/10 Graham Farr Dissection of rectangles into squares: paper by Brooks, Smith, Stone, Tutte (1940)
14/10 Arun Mani Bounds on Tutte polynomial evaluations for the square lattice
7/10 Marsha Minchenko Counting closed walks in a k-regular graph (slides, 276KB)
23/ 9 Daniel Delbourgo K-theory and non-vanishing of L-functions
16/ 9 `Fermat's Last Tango' (screening)
9/ 9 Graham Farr A family of transforms and minors for binary functions
2/ 9 Doug Stones How not to prove the Alon-Tarsi Conjecture
26/ 8 Christopher Monteith (ANU) Introduction to the isomorphism-testing software `nauty'
19/ 8 Rebecca Robinson Graphs with no 7-wheel subdivision (slides, 545KB)
12/ 8 Diane Donovan (UQ) Determinants of Latin Squares
5/ 8 Tania McBride The number of subsquares of a Latin square: examining the upper bounds
29/ 7 Ian Wanless Two combinatorial questions dressed up as loop theory
22/7 Kyle Pula (Denver) The Hall-Paige conjecture in non-associative contexts
25/ 6 Conf practice talks:
Judy Egan Transversals and partitions of latin squares (BCC)
Kerri Morgan Chromatic factorisation and the Galois groups of chromatic polynomials (Bristol)
Arun Mani Some Inequalities for Counting Problems in Graphs (Bristol) (slides, 301KB)
16/ 6 Practice talks (BCC and Denver):
Doug Stones When is an isotopism an automorphism of a Latin square?
Doug Stones Latin squares with many subsquares and large autotopism groups
9/ 6 BCC practice talks:
Kerri Morgan Galois groups of chromatic polynomials
Arun Mani On Matroids and Partial Sums of Binomial Coefficients (slides, 420KB)
2/ 6 Daniel Horsley (Memorial U, Newfoundland)       Weak colourings of cycle systems (slides, 135KB)
26/ 5 Daniel Delbourgo Calculating the derivative of an L-function
19/ 5 Bridget Webb (Open U, UK) Countably infinite Steiner triple systems
12/ 5 Alex Ghitza Computing with modular forms (mod p)
5/ 5 Wendy Baratta (Melb) Pieri-type formulas for nonsymmetric Macdonald polynomials
28/ 4 Jane Pitkethly (La Trobe) Introduction to Priestley duality (slides, 858KB)
21/ 4 Problem session: GF presented questions about Latin squares
7/ 4 Problem Session: Arun Mani and Kerri Morgan presented questions
31/ 3 Adrian Flitney (Melb) Introduction to quantum game theory
24/ 3 Ian Wanless The number of transversals in latin squares
17/ 3 Xu Guangjun (Melb) Two domination parameters in graphs (slides, 1.2MB)
10/ 3 Lei Pan (Deakin) Phishing and game theory
3/ 3 Petr Vojtechovsky (U of Denver) Lengths of rainbow cycles in complete graphs
23/ 2 Ian Wanless Subsquares of Latin squares
Doug Stones Numbers of subsquares of Latin squares
20/ 2 Geoff Whittle (VUW) Is the missing axiom of matroid theory lost forever? [School Seminar] (slides, 269KB)
17/ 2 Petr Vojtechovsky (U of Denver)    Enumeration of nilpotent loops by means of cohomology
10/ 2 No mtg at Monash; some attended (via AGRs) three talks, Tues-Thurs, held at Dept of Maths & Stats, La Trobe U:
Grant Cairns (La Trobe) Impartial games as acyclic digraphs
3/ 2 Alison Thomson (Melb) Frobenius networks: routing, gossiping and diameter
20/ 1/09    Christopher Monteith (ANU) Distilling the essentials of practical isomorphism checking

2008 events:

2/12/08 NZ conf practice talks:
Arun Mani 1) Rank Dominations in Matroids (ANZMC) (slides, 155KB)
2) A Correlation Inequality for Whitney-Tutte Polynomials (4ICC) (slides, 168KB)
Kerri Morgan Chromatic factorisation of graphs (4ICC)
25/11 Marcus Brazil (Melb) The Gilbert Arborescence Problem
18/11 Joanne Hall (RMIT) Graphs, Partial Latin Squares and Codes of Covering Radius 1 and Minimum Distance 2
11/11 Ian Wanless A problem on repeated derivatives and partitions
4/11 CUP DAY
28/10 David Wood (Melb) An excursion in graph theory and number theory
21/10 PhD Completion Reviews (M345, School of Math'l Sciences):
Judy Egan Generalised Transversals of Latin Squares
Doug Stones Number Theoretic Properties of Latin Squares and their Generalisations (slides, 807KB)
14/10 Daniel Delbourgo Bounding III using families of modular forms
[where III := Cyrillic letter "sha"]
7/10 Daniel Delbourgo Modular forms
30/ 9 Ben Smith (UQ) Cycle decompositions for complete multigraphs
23/ 9 Arun Mani Rank domination for graphs
16/ 9 Tim Dokchitser (Cambridge) Elliptic curves and the Birch-Swinnerton-Dyer Conjecture
9/ 9 Sanming Zhou (Melb) Imprimitive symmetric graphs with cyclic blocks
2/ 9 Christopher Monteith (ANU) Combinatorial isomorphism: basics and beyond
26/ 8 Tom Coleman (Melb) A local-search 2-approximation for 2-correlation-clustering
19/ 8 Tony Wirth (Melb) The query complexity of estimating weighted averages
12/ 8 Nick Cavenagh Six-and-a-half definitions of latin betrayeds
5/ 8 Graham Farr Pedagogically sound examples in public-key cryptography
29/ 7 No talk: soccer tournament and lunch involving Maths, Clayton IT and Caulfield IT, organised by Clayton IT
22/ 7 Graham Farr The first paper on the chromatic polynomial. II
8/ 7 Chris Mears Symmetry detection and exploitation in constraint programming (slides, 573KB)
17/ 6 Alison Thomson (Melb) Integer lattices and Frobenius double loop graphs
11/ 6 Arun Mani A generalisation of matroid rank submodularity
Doug Stones Systems of linear congruences
4/ 6 Nathan Jolly Primitive roots
28/ 5 Judy Egan Puzzles, problems and applications of Latin squares
21/ 5 Graham Farr The first paper on the chromatic polynomial: G D Birkhoff, Annals of Maths, 1912.
14/ 5 Mike Grannell (Open U) Avoidance problems in Steiner triple systems
7/ 5 Diane Donovan (UQ) Quarter regular biembeddings of Latin squares
30/ 4 Mohammad Kaykobad (BUET)    Majority spanning trees, cotrees and their applications
23/ 4 Ian Wanless Embedding latin trades in abelian groups
16/ 4 Daniel Delbourgo Special points on elliptic curves
9/ 4 Graham Farr Multiplicative expressions for P(G;q). II
2/ 4 Graham Farr Multiplicative expressions for P(G;q)
18/ 3 Arun Mani A correlation inequality for the Tutte polynomial
11/ 3 Arun Mani The Ahlswede-Daykin Theorem
4/ 3 Nick Cavenagh Diagonally cyclic Latin squares
26/ 2 Arun Mani A rank inequality for matroids
19/ 2 Alison Thomson (Melb) An open graph theory problem ...
12/ 2/08    Doug Stones Counting orthomorphisms mod n, and diagonally cyclic Latin squares

2007 events:

18/12/07 Graham Farr Moebius inversion
27/11 Ian Wanless Serial monogamy and other applications of the Delta lemma
20/11 Daniel Delbourgo p-adic versions of pi-squared and Euler's constant: computational aspects
13/11 Doug Stones On autotopism groups of Latin squares
6/11 Discussion on calculating Galois groups (IV)
30/10 Discussion on calculating Galois groups (III)
Arun Mani Group of x^3 - 3x + 1 again, this time avoiding finding the roots themselves.
23/10 Franz Brandenburg (Passau)    Problem on compact straight-line planar graph drawing
Discussion on calculating Galois groups (II)
Kronecker's method applied to x^3 - 3x + 1, finding its group, C3, via finding its roots.
16/10 Discussion: calculating Galois groups:
Kronecker's method and its application to quadratics
2/10 Problem session:
Kerri (Galois groups of certain quintics), Arun (a matroid bijection question), Doug (Knight's Tour Latin squares)
18/ 9 AustMS 2007 practice talks:
Kerri Morgan Factorisation of chromatic polynomials
Judy Egan Indivisible plexes in latin squares
11/ 9 Graham Farr Eigencircles of 2x2 matrices (slides, 545KB)
4/ 9 Ian Wanless Matching polynomials and walks on regular graphs
28/ 8 Graham Farr Generalised Whitney functions
21/ 8 Graham Farr A survey of Tutte-Whitney polynomials (slides, 1.1MB)
31/ 7 Graham Farr The Maximum Induced Planar Subgraph problem (slides, 1.6MB)
24/ 7 Graham Farr Recipe theorems
19/ 6 BCC practice talks:
Kerri Morgan Approximation algorithms for the Maximum Induced Planar and Outerplanar subgraph problems
Rebecca Robinson Structure and recognition of graphs with no 6-wheel subdivision (slides, 135KB)
12/ 6 Ian Wanless Latin trades and triangulations. II
5/ 6 Ian Wanless Latin trades and triangulations. I
29/ 5 Rebecca Robinson Kruskal's Theorem: proof by Nash-Williams (slides, 63KB)
22/ 5 Graham Farr Proof of broken cycle theorem using Tutte polynomial and activities
15/ 5 Rebecca Robinson Euler characteristic (slides, 50KB)
Doug Stones A theorem of Lehmer
8/ 5 Nick Cavenagh (UNSW) On completing three diagonally cyclic transversals to a Latin square
1/ 5 Doug Stones Euler's proof that 2^31 - 1 is prime (slides, 102KB)
Arun Mani Euler's pentagonal number theorem
24/ 4 Euler Tercentenary Function (with School of Mathematical Sciences and Clayton School of IT)
Speakers: H Lausch, R Wardle, P Cally, G Farr, A Mani, I Wanless, R Mardling, R Bartnik, J Stillwell, R Robinson, N Do, D Stones
17/ 4 Graham Farr Tutte polynomial and internal/external activities
3/ 4 Kerri Morgan Solvability and the chromatic polynomial (PhD confirmation)
20/ 3 Graham Farr Tutte polynomial and the deletion-contraction tree
13/ 3 Ian Wanless Latin hypercubes
6/ 3 Doug Stones Divisors of the number of Latin rectangles
27/ 2/07    Graham Farr Deletion, contraction and the Whitney rank generating function

2006 events:

19/12/06 Graham Farr Colourings, tensions, flows, duality and the Whitney rank generating function
5/12 Graham Farr Questions:
(1) which numbers can be the number of q-colourings of some n-vertex graph, for some q?
(2) F(A,B) G(S,B) = F(A,T) G(A,B)
28/11 Graham Farr Intro to the Whitney rank generating function
14/11 Kerri Morgan Chromatic roots of families of graphs (Read & Royle, 1991)
31/10 Graham Farr #P-completeness
24/10 Graham Farr Intro to the counting complexity class #P
10/10 Doug Stones The Alon-Tarsi conjecture II
28/ 9 Rebecca Robinson Fixed Parameter Tractability II
19/ 9 Doug Stones The Alon-Tarsi conjecture
12/ 9 Rebecca Robinson     Fixed Parameter Tractability (slides, 320KB)
5/ 9 Graham Farr Probabilistic method: second moment method
29/ 8 Graham Farr Probabilistic method: linearity of expectation
22/ 8 Ian Wanless Bachelor Latin squares
15/ 8 Arun Mani FPRAS: reduction to FPAUS
8/ 8 Arun Mani Self-reducibility
1/ 8 Arun Mani Approximate counting and almost uniform sampling
20/ 7/06    Graham Farr Some correlation problems for random graph colourings