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There are lazy and strict versions of the toy lambda-calculus interpreter. They both share the same input syntax and can be used on the same example lambda-calculus programs, although some programs will not work (i.e. will loop) when using the strict interpreter of course.

  Lazy Interpreter Strict Interpreter
main programs Lazy.p Strict.p
declarations define values lazy.type.P <--
interpreters proper lazy.exec.P strict.exec.P
(evaluation is print driven)
expressions lazy.eval.p
(by-need evaluation)
(strict evaluation)
apply functions lazy.apply.P strict.apply.P
process declarations lazy.D.P strict.D.P
binary operators lazy.O.P <--
unary operators lazy.U.P strict.U.P
manipulate environments lazy.env.P strict.env.P
form basic values lazy.mkval.P <--
It is a useful exercise to compare the strict and lazy versions of the above files, particularly the two *.eval.P files.
  • General routines common to both interpreters:
lexical syntax
Neither interpreter is a production system. They are as small and simple as possible, written to illustrate evaluation strategies. Notably omitted: type checker, garbage collector. The lazy interpreter can be run through this form:

There is more on [λ-calculus here] and additional [λ examples here].

Coding Ockham's Razor, L. Allison, Springer

A Practical Introduction to Denotational Semantics, L. Allison, CUP

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