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Stars of the Silent Movies

There are now hundreds, if not thousands, of sites available. I have a listing of those that I am aware of but as new sites come online every day I cannot hope to have all of them.

The June Marlowe website is a very well presented site featuring numerous photos and extensive information.

One of the greatest film comedians of all times is Charlie Chaplin whose character, The Tramp, is instantly recognizable by people the world over.

The Picture Palace has videos and other information about Buster Keaton to celebrate the centenary of his birth. They also have a selection of Clara Bow videos.

One of the best fan pages was the Harold Lloyd page, dedicated to Harold Lloyd (who we featured in December 1995 Silent Star of the Month). It seems to have been offline for a long time now unfortunately.
There are other Harold Lloyd sites too. More will be listed here soon.

The Silents Majority, dedicated to keeping the art of silent film alive!

The Lillian Gish Home Page has a lot of inline images, plus lots of information about Lillian Gish!

The Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford Home Page has had quite a bit of development and is looking really good. To celebrate her birthday (8th April, 1882), a birthday page for Mary Pickford has been created. Be warned, however, as it has lots of large images. At the same site you will find a page on D.W. Griffith.

The Louise Brooks Society is an excellent page on Louise Brooks.
If it's pictures you're after, Solomon's Louise Brooks picture gallery is the place to go. Both these sites include links to other Louise Brooks pages.

Steve Ramsey has pages devoted to Laurel and Hardy and The Little Rascals.
Meet Stan and Babe is another Laurel and Hardy page.

Taylorology is a newsletter which examines the life of William Desmond Taylor and his contemporaries, and his unsolved murder. There is a large amount of information on both Taylor and other members of the silent movie industry in this newsletter. An excellent newsletter.

"Exploring the Faces of Lon Chaney" is a Kino Online feature interview with Michael F. Blake, Author of A Thousand Faces: Lon Chaney's Unique Artistry in Motion Pictures.

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