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If you own a Viper V330, V550, V770 or II you have come to the wrong place. This web site is for the older (circa 1993-96) cards. For some reason Diamond has re-used the Viper name for its latest range of high performance cards, which is very confusing!. I am not able to answer any queries about thes newer cards. If you need help I suggest looking at Diamond Multimedia's web site instead. Thank you.


I have set up this page as a central repository of information and resources for owners of the original Diamond Viper graphics cards. These Vipers were once a family of high performance VRAM based video cards using the Weitek Power9x00 chipset, common around the early 1990s




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The author would like to thank the following people for providing some information for this page: Johnny R Yuma, Mike Maas, Jonathan Quick (Home Page), Larry Grant, Aidan Chan-Henry, Mark Rosson, Robert Wagner, Eric McClatchie, Travis Howell, Paul Hanley, Daron Myrick, Peter Fraser.

Thanks must also go to the many other people who have mailed me with positive encouragement, experiences, and bug fixes!