Windows 95/98

There are various sources for Windows 95 drivers for the Viper series. Finding a good one is the problem! The ones on the Win95 CD-ROM are based on the old Windows 3.1 drivers, and are not real Win95 drivers at all.

Since Windows 95 was released, there have been a series of updated Viper drivers from both Diamond and Weitek. Here are links to pages describing each driver set. The pages include (a) where to get it, (b) how to get it working, and (c) other people's experiences with them.

Windows 98 may have drivers already.

  1. Diamond Viper Windows95 Display Driver (Ver 2.24) 21 March 1997
  2. WeitekPower Windows95 Display Driver (Rel 2.23) 14 November 1996
  3. WeitekPower Windows95 Display Driver (Rel 2.01) xx June 1996
  4. Viper VLB/PCI Windows 95 Driver (Ver 0.90) xx February 1996
  5. WeitekPower Windows95 Display Drivers (Rel 1.08) xx November 1995