Windows 95 (2.01)



Initial Notes

How I Got the 2.01 Drivers Working!

  1. Download the Weitek 2.01 drivers using the above URLs.

  2. Boot Win95 and change back to the standard VGA mode 640x480x16. Do NOT use the Oak OTI-087 driver, and do NOT use Safe Mode.

  3. Go to the \WIN95\INF directory. Remove all the OEM????.INF files which mention Viper or Weitek drivers. These files are from previous attempts to install and reinstall drivers. Make sure you don't accidently remove any that were related to other drivers!

  4. Go to the \WIN95\SYSTEM directory. Remove all the old Viper driver files like VIPER.VXD, VIPER.DRV, VIPER_??.DRV, WTK???.VXD etc. Be careful, there is a VIP.VXD I think which is NOT related to the Viper!

  5. Create a NEW directory, say C:\VIPER\WIN95 and unzip the new drivers into it.

  6. Make sure you have a look at the README.WRI and WTKCPLX.HLP. There is special information for Diamond Viper VLB owners.

  7. Go to ControlPanel-Display-ChangeDisplayType. Under the Driver section (not Monitor section), click on the Add New Driver button. Tell it to look at C:\VIPER\WIN95. Click OK.

  8. Select the driver appropriate for you, either P9000 or P9100.

  9. Make sure you only choose 640x480x256, as this is the only one that boots up correctly first time.

  10. Reboot Windows 95.

  11. Go to ControlPanel-Display again. There should now be a "Settings" tab as usual, as well as a new "WeitekPower" tab. Go to the "WeitekPower" tab.

  12. IMPORTANT! You must DISABLE the "Solid Fills" and "Text Blits" under the Driver Options section. These don't work properly on the 15, 16, and 32 bpp modes.

  13. Select what mode you want, and restart Windows 95 again.

Other People's Experiences