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Simone Buchanan was born on 11 March 1968 in the state of New South Wales, Australia. She attended Avalon Primary School as a child.

Simone is best known for her role as "Debbie Kelly" in the Australian sitcom Hey Dad!. Her first acting roles were in children's television series produced for the (Australian) ABC government broadcasting network. Since then she has had guest roles in many drama series, as well as some film roles, most notably as a rape victim in Shame. Her last major role was as "Laura Harris" (and "Anna Dodwell") in the now-axed Australian late night drama series Pacific Drive. In 1998 she gave birth to a baby boy "Tane" and is currently doing casual acting while she raises her child.

Further information about Simone's acting career can be found in my Filmography section and at the Internet Movie DataBase.

Simone comes from a family of actors. Her sister Beth has appeared in various roles, but is most remembered as "Gemma Ramsay" in the famous soap Neighbours. Her brother Miles is a loony looking character who pops onto our screens and stages quite often.

According to the The Oracle of Bacon at Virginia, Simone Buchanan has a Bacon number of 3:
Buchanan, Simone was in My Brilliant Career (1979) with Hopgood, Alan
Hopgood, Alan was in Road Games (1981) with Curtis, Jamie Lee
Curtis, Jamie Lee was in Queens Logic (1991) with Bacon, Kevin

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