Simone Buchanan : Filmography

This filmography is bit sketchy, but thanks must go to Steve, Alex Dawson and Renate Ward for providing information not available at the IMDB.

  1. "Coco Pops" (Commercial), around 1979, as "Unknown".
    Coco Pops are a chocolate flavoured rice bubble cereal.

  2. My Brilliant Career (Film), 1979, as "Mary Anne".
    The film that made Judy Davis famous.

  3. Secret Valley (TV Series), 1980, as "Jemma McCloud".
    Starred Simone and her brother Miles. It screened on the ABC in Australia. It was filmed at Smokey Dawson's ranch in NSW and at one of the El Cabalo Blanco resorts.

  4. Runaway Island (TV Series), 1982, as "Jemma McLeod".
    A young Simone and her brother Miles star as two youths who battle corruption when their father leaves for England. Set in the 1830's on an island. Called "Lost Island" in UK, "Runaway Island" in USA.

  5. Run, Rebecca, Run (Film), 1981, as "Rebecca".

  6. Doctors & Nurses (Film), 1981, as "Jane Gilmour".

  7. The Mystery at Castle House (TV), 1982, as "Kate".

  8. High Country (Film), 1984, as "Debbie Lomax".
    Known as "Man from the High Country" in the UK

  9. Run Chrissie Run! (Film), 1984, as "Cathy".

  10. Sons and Daughters (TV Series), 1985, as "Donna".

  11. Hey Dad! (TV Series), 1986--1990, as "Debbie Kelly".
    Played the eldest daughter in the family.

  12. Shame (Film), 1987, as "Lizzie Curtis".
    Played a country town rape victim.

  13. A Country Practice (TV), 1991, as "Sara Kennedy".
    Played a country town rape victim.

  14. Pacific Drive (TV), 1995, as "Laura Harris".

  15. All Saints (TV), 1999, as "Unknown".
    Guest starred in one episode as a pregnant woman. (Pregnant in real life at the time)

  16. "MYOB Business Software" (Commercial), March 2000, as "Unknown".
    Simone is interviewed by two managers for a job, who are clearly not prepared for the introduction of GST tax into Australia.

  17. Blue Heelers (TV), 2000-, as "Unknown".
    Season 7 / Episode 35 [288] / "Wheeling and Dealing"

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