Sunshine in the Alps
The further, further Adventures of Macpac* Man
in New Zealand's Southern Alps
January 2005

After the year before last year's fun-filled month of climbing, and after last year's month also, I couldn't resist a third trip back to New Zealand. There's always the chance, however slim, of fair weather - and this year my gamble paid off. Sunshine! I even got sunburnt on one day. As you can see, the sunshine also meant I got to snap a few pictures of clear skies instead of sodden (but dramatic) rain clouds.

This year I bought some non-Macpac gear. Read on to find out what it was that made me turn to the darkside.

Right : Marmot Man (Greg), the Quarterdeck pass and Mt. Avalanche (Aspiring National Park)

alan / casper

Arthur's Pass
With Marmot Man, Sophie & Nat
Double Two, Double Seven (2277m)
With Marmot Man and Rob - Ahuriri Valley
2035m and 2025m
With Marmot Man and Rob - Ahuriri Valley

Rest day (Ahuriri up-river)
With Rob - Ahuriri Valley

Calvin - Wyn-Irwin Col
With Marmot Man - Ahuriri Valley
Mt. Aspiring, SW Ridge
With Marmot Man - Aspiring National Park
Mt. Rosa
With Martin from Switzerland - Hooker Valley
Grey + White
More photographs from around the alps
Left : Macpac Man (Alan) imitates Casper David Friedrich's Wanderer above the Mists in the Hooker Valley as he admires Mt. Cook (Roll the cursor over the image to see the idea)

* Please note, this page and the antics of Macpac Man are still not condoned, sponsored or supported in any way by Macpac NZ.

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