submerged portrait

Anim as in animation,
(The Modern Prometheus am I)
Anima the soul, life itself,
(Both the goal and that which enables me to reach it)
Animal all manner of living creatures,
(With plants and the rest of the universe, a marvel)
land a place or space,
(The limitless imagination)
aland my login taken from my name Alan D...
(How clever!)

...and so there you have it, Animaland!


Climbing Trip Reports & Travels

Japan 2000-2001
(includes Yakushima hike)
Japan 2002
(Kyoto maiko, Kaikomagatake & Ibukiyama climbs)
New Zealand 2003
(Southern Alps)
Mt. Arapiles April 2003
(Rockrat Mecca - NW Victoria)
Moonarie July 2003
(Rockrat Mecca - S.A.)

Mt. Buller Sept 2003
(Victorian Alps)

New Zealand 2004
(Southern Alps)
Mt. Buller Aug 2004
(Victorian Alps)
Not Mt. Feathertop 2004
(Victorian Alps)
New Zealand Jan/Feb 2005
(Southern Alps)
Blanc, Matterhorn, Eiger Apr 2005
(European Alps)
Arctic Jul/Aug 2005
(Sweden & Norway)
U.K. Sept 2005
no climbs :-(
Århus Sept 2005
Italia Oct 2005
no climbs :-(
South Coast Track, Apr 2006
(Tasmanian World Heritage Area)

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