An Ozzie gaijin lost in Takanohara, Ekihigashi Danchi, 7-1-1 Saganaka-dai, Kizu-cho, Soraku-gun, Kyoto, Japan

The North needle of an Australian compass trying to come to grips with navigation in Japan (It is attempting to point downwards into the ground.) It is as confused as I am. A teensy-weensy compass with a thermometer so that, as Rodney-san says, "Now I know I'm lost and cold". A Nihon-go compass I found at the 100 yen shop. Most compasses here look just like the Australian one (except that they sit horizontally). The illustrated compass indicates Kita (N <), Minami (S >), Higashi (E ^) and Nishi (W v) and things in between which I can't read and my phrasebook doesn't cover. When I can read the symbols and remember them by heart, I may find my way in this country.

Enough of the compass pictures already! Give me the real stuff...

Below are links to some of the visual documentation (how very formal) of my trip to Japan. I hope you find the material educational. If not, I hope you find it at least a little bit amusing. If not, oh well then "The Net is vast and infinite" as they say at the end of The Ghost In The Shell.

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*I'm not really lost. My yellow bath (proof) toy from Garmin says I'm at elevation 137m, N34° 43.271', E135° 47.833'. As you can see from the title, I also know my address. Somehow, none of this information, nor the multitude of compasses, GPS or maps seem to be preventing me from feeling a little lost. The whole country goes by in a bewildering flash... but it is so exciting to behold!

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