1994, Interactive virtual sculpture.

Wild is an interactive virtual sculpture. The structure of the sculpture depends on the movement of objects within the local environment of the work. A video camera pointed at the viewers of the work and the local environment sends digitised information to a computer program that synthesises structures based on the type of motion seen by the camera. The works divides motion into three distinct categories:

(i) ambient - soft and natural motions such as trees swaying in the breeze;
(ii) human - human motions such as walking;
(iii) violent - fast or abrupt motions such as heavy traffic, violent storms or aggressive human behaviour.

The shape of the structures synthesised by the work depend on the types of motion in the real environment. Gently swaying trees will produce a radically different sculpture than a major freeway. The structure is built up using finite state automata, created by the different types of motion seen by the video camera.

The installation requires a Silicon Graphics Reality Engine and Indy computers. This work was commissioned by the 1994 Next Wave Festival and was first shown within the water window of the National Gallery of Victoria.

Here is the catalogue essay from the next wave festival.


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