Jon McCormack: Research

My aim is to enable new modes of creative expression through computation.

My research interests are in generative modelling for electronic media, in particular developmental models, L-Systems, hybrid grammar systems, cellular automata, and graph grammars. My current research work involves the implementation of a system for generative modelling of two dimensional drawings, three dimensional forms, electronic sound synthesis and music composition. I am involved in developing organic modelling techniques for computer graphics, such as convolution (blobby, metaball) surfaces and swarm modelling of geometry. I have a strong interest in Evolutionary Computing and Ecology, in particular its application to creative synthesis and systems.

Above: model generated using the cellular developmental model (part of the artwork bloom)

I am also interested in philosophical and cultural issues concerning Artificial Life and Artificial Nature, and the practical simulation of natural forms, behaviours, and processes by 'unnatural' means (usually computers). Much of my written work explores technological and computer based representations of the natural, and examines how these relate to the public dissemination of scientific information about nature, biology, and evolution.



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