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You can see, hear and read about my artwork in the book Impossible Nature: the art of Jon McCormack.

Visual and video material on flickr and vimeo. My twitter feed, and new web site (still in development).

Frequently Asked Questionswhere can I get copies of your work, can I use one of your images for ..., etc.

A past issue of Cosmos Magazine features a story on my work by Mitchell Whitelaw: Nature by Numbers, pp. 38-39.


A short biography

I'll be giving a presentation at the emoção art.ficial 5.0 festival, São Paulo, Brazil on July 1, 2010.

A new paper, Enhancing Creativity with Niche Construction, will be presented at Alife XII in Odense, Denmark, 19-23 August 2010.

Alife journal cover The 2009 volumes of the MIT Press journal Artificial Life features a cover image from my Morphogenesis Series.

Design After Nature Exhibition ran from 1-21.12.2009. Some photos from the exhibition.

Design after Nature is a collection of experimental ecosystems created as part of a three-year research project undertaken at the Centre for Electronic Media Art, Monash University. The works were developed as part of an ongoing investigation into a systemic approach to electronic media art.

Listen (headphones recommended) to the sound of the sun rising on the Warrumbungle National Park (mp3, 2007)

Look at some photos from a 2009 trip to the Flinders Ranges National Park.

BURST (composition made from processed human voice samples, mp3, 2000)

Nodal is a new way to design musical structures.

For paper downloads see the writing/research section.

My notes pages provide musings on a narrow set of topics related to my artwork and research (quite old and out of date).

Processing noise problems.


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Don Dillo, Point Omega, Picador 2010


Dan Tobin Smith

Loscil Endless Falls

Monolake Silence

Past Stimuli

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