Jon McCormack
Electronic Art Works / 1986 - 2006
installation works
  video works



Artworks from 2007 Onwards

Bloom Image 2007-2010

Recent works from 2007 including Colourfield, Niche Constructions and Flicker

Bloom Image 2006

Large-scale digital print of evolved Australian flora

A 43m x 9.7m digital image commissioned for QUT's Creative Industries precinct in Queensland.

The Deep

8 Screen Virtual Reality Animation

An eight screen stereoscopic animation designed for the VROOM project at the Melbourne Museum. The Deep explores the isolation and the unknown worlds of the deep sea.

Morphogenesis Series

Digital Still Images

A series of evolved digital images based on generative models of native Australian flora.

Future Garden

Electronic Garden of Artificial Life

Public art work developed as part of Melbourne's Federation Square Precinct.


Self Generating Ecosystem

A 2.5 dimensional cellular world, populated by evolving electronic ’creatures’. whose primary method of communication is sound based.

Universal Zoologies

Interactive, CD-ROM, & Software

An interconnected series of autonomous, self-generating, poetic spaces. Generated by complex software authored by the artist as part of the production process, the efficacy of the work is to confuse the boundaries of space, time, place, and process to offer a poetic reinterpretation of the natural and what it means to be ‘alive’.

Acoustic Environment

Responsive Sonic Space

A collection and exhibition of a disparate yet representative array of machine sounds, analogous to the collection and display of zoological 'samples'. Developed in collaboration with Gary Warner.



Interactive Museum of Unnatural History

What would life be like if it were made from computer algorithms rather than flesh and blood?


Responsive Virtual Environment

Wild constructs 3D virtual environments in real-time based on human and natural activity in the surrounding area. Site-specific work developed for the NGV's water wall.



Four Imaginary Walls

Virtual Environment Controlled by ambient weather

The computer synthesises a real-time virtual 3D environment, based on the real external weather conditions.



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