cema staff teach into the existing degree programs within the faculties of Art & Design, Arts, and Information Technology. Further courses specific to cema students are currently under development.

  right: Morphogenesis series #1 (detail), © Jon McCormack, 2002.   morpho image  







procedural modelling, artificial life & animation

An advanced honours level unit that covers the procedural specification of geometric models of biological phenomena for animation and rendering (FIT4012-pt1 )


evolutionary simulation & synthesis

An advanced honours level unit that covers evolutionary computing methods and their application to optimisation, problem solving, machine learning and digital synthesis. (FIT4012-pt2)


honours projects

Each year cema staff offer a limited number of Computer Science and Software Engineering Honours students the chance to research a topic of mutual interest under their supervision.

Lists of previous and current projects offered by cema staff is available online.







multimedia programming and the www

An undergraduate level unit that explores the basics of programming interactive software for the www and multimedia. The subject also examines the principles of interaction design as it applies to these areas (FIT3084 formerly CSE2325/3325)


computer graphics

An undergraduate level unit in the fundamentals of computer graphics utilizing OpenGL (FIT3088 formerly CSE3313)


third year projects

Final year, Computer Science and Software Engineering projects are offered to undergraduate students by cema staff in areas relating to computer graphics, computer music, animation and artificial life. Consult the CSE3301 page for topics of interest.


masters & phd projects

cema staff supervise phd and masters research students in a range of areas.

Current research projects include: generative architecture, tile-based 3D animation and geometric modelling and texture synthesis. See the research page for details.