this page details the exhibitions, perfomances and screenings of artworks produced or organized by cema staff and students.

  right: micro org © Alan Dorin, 2005.    








The deep is a multi-screen, steroscopic vr work for exhibition on the virtual-room (vroom) system. The project is now running at the Melbourne Museum.


exhibitions + performances

Plague is a generative software work created by Alan Dorin. It is being exhibited in conjunction with the Shanghai Bienale at the exhibition, Satellite.

iago - a performance by the sonic art group

The sonic art group is organized by Peter Mcilwain within the school of music - conservatorium.


future exhibitions

lifeLab will open on the vroom system at the Melbourne Museum late in 2007. This is an interactive stereoscopic work in which visitors to the museum will be able to engage with artificial life-forms.



past exhibitions of interest

cema organized its third iteration conference on generative electronic art over nov 30th - dec 2nd 2005. The event included a software art exhibition, Metacreation, curated by Paul Brown and opened by Mitchell Whitelaw.

SenseSurround exhibition (2004) at Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI at Federation Square, Melbourne) included a retrospective of the works of Jon McCormack.