cema research includes the theory of generative techniques and their practical application to electronic art. rigour from both scientific and aesthetic perspectives are considered paramount.

  right: Morphogenesis series #1 (detail), © Jon McCormack, 2002.   morpho image  







research projects

cema collaborative research projects:

- design after nature : ecosystems & design
- vroom : steroscopic VR system
- glitch : software for students of OpenGL
- nodal : music composition software



research papers, journal articles, technical reports and conference publications by cema staff and students. Listed by year, also includes endnote and bibtek libraries: publications page.


visiting researchers

cema invites artists and researchers with an interest in generative electronic art as visiting researchers and artistic collaborators: people page.


cema has a number of open source software projects available for download. These include plug-ins for Cinema4D, stand-alone software and teaching/training tools: software page.







research students

cema staff supervise phd and masters research students in a range of areas.

Interested students should consult cema's research topic ideas page and get in touch with us. We'd be very pleased to hear from you.

Information about existing projects is provided for your information:

- honours
- masters
- phd


books & cds

You can purchase conference proceedings, audio and data cds documenting the international Iteration conference series on generative art.

Impossible Nature, a monograph on the work of Jon McCormack has been published by ACMI (2005).




cema initiated the Iteration conference series on generative art. First Iteration was held in 1999, Second Iteration in 2001 and Third Iteration 2005.


recent & forthcoming papers

McCormack, J., McIlwain, P., Lane, A., Dorin, A., "Generative Composition with Nodal", in MUSIC-AL Workshop Proceedings of the 9th European Conference on Artificial Life, Miranda et al (eds), CD-ROM, 2007

Dorin, A. & Korb, K.B., "Building Virtual Ecosystems from Artificial Chemistry", in Proceedings of the 9th European Conference on Artificial Life, Almeida e Costa (ed.), Springer-Verlag, 2007 pp103-112


Please see the publications page for details.