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Higher Degree by Research Programs

This page offers information on doing a higher (post-graduate) degree by research under the full or partial supervision of Jon McCormack. Please read this page carefully before contacting me if you'd like to discuss supervision. In particular, check that you have the necessary entry requirements and that you're interested in researching a suitable and appropriate area (see research topics).

Degrees Offered

There are currently two post-graduate research degrees offered by the Faculty of Information Technology:

A Masters degree is awarded for a thesis which shows independence of thought and demonstrates the student's ability to carry out research in the field concerned. The Masters program typically involves a one- to two-year period of full-time or equivalent part-time study.

The Doctor of Philosophy is awarded for a written thesis that makes a significant contribution to knowledge or understanding of fields of study or research that the School undertakes. This involves the candidate proving that they can carry out independent research, typically during a three- to four-year period of full-time or equivalent part-time study.

Entry Requirements

Admission to the PhD program requires that you already have some experience in carrying out independent research. Normally this means an H1 or H2A grade in an honours degree with a significant (>40%) research component. The minimum entry requirements for a PhD must be one of:

  1. a bachelors degree requiring at least four years of full-time study and normally including a research component in the fourth year, leading to an honours degree at first or upper second class level (HI or HIIA); or
  2. a course leading to a masters preliminary qualification at a level rated by the relevant school and faculty as equivalent to a first or upper second class honours degree; or
  3. a masters degree that comprises a significant research component, at least equivalent to (1) above.

If you have an undergraduate degree without a research component and still want to do a PhD, you could do the Master of Information Technology degree (with research thesis). Successful completion of this degree would satisfy the entry requirements for a PhD.

Research Topics

My principle areas of research interest (in no particular order) are:

Here is a more detailed list of potential research topics. See also my research publications.

Scholarships and Fees

A number of scholarships are available to support your post-graduate study. They are available for both local and international students, and are funded by the university, state and federal governments. Scholarship applications are normally due in October each year. Most scholarships are awarded based on the academic performance of the candidate. To be considered, normally you need to have an H1 (or equivalent) honours degree.

How do I apply?

If you are interested in applying with me as your supervisor, please contact me. Please include the following information with your application:

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