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This page contains biographical, review, and critical writing about my art work. It's by no means an exhaustive list – if you know anything you think I should add please let me know. There's also a section of book and magazine covers that I've done, plus an incomplete list of newspaper articles, television programs and radio programs about my work.

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Other Publications    
  reviews / critical articles container    
Liminal Product (Frances Dyson and Douglas Kahn ) Artificial life: a hard call (review of dLux conference Future Screen 00 – Artificial Life: Hard/Soft/Wet), in Real Time, 41, Feb-March 2001, Open City Media.

Milne, Esta Nameless things and thingless names: A review of the Byte Me Forum Bendigo Art Gallery, Saturday 24 July 1999, in Mesh 13, Cyberbully. Experimenta Media Arts, 1999.

Marshall, Ben "Painting x Numbers", Australian Style, Issue 31, p. 102-105, 1999. (With the rather unfortunate cover!)

Jonson, Annemarie "Jon McCormack: Booting Fantasia", Art+Text, No. 56, p. 27-29, Feb. - April 1997.

Goodall, Jane "Possessing the new imagination" (Review of Elastic Light), Real Time, No. 16, p. 18, Dec. – Jan. 1996/1997.

Kent, Rachel "The Interactive Museum", Gazete, University of Melbourne, p. 9, Autumn 1996.

Harley, Ross "Jon McCormack: computer artist", HQ, p. 18-19, Sept/Oct 1996.

Brown, Paul "Emergent Behaviours towards Computational Aesthetics", Artlink, 16(2 & 3), p. 16-20, Winter 1996.

Thwaits, Tim "It's life Jim, but not as we know it", Montage, p. 7, Monash University, May 1996.

Thwaits, Tim "Accidental Art", Monash University Research Review, p. 8-9, Monash University, 1996.

Dutchak, Phillip "Computer Start / Fine Art", Cinema Papers, No. 108, p. 18-21, Feb. 1996.

Murray, Kevin "In case of Millennium, Break Glass", Art Monthly Australia, No. 86, p. 28-30, Dec 1995 – Feb. 1996.

Goodall, Jane "The Gardening Program", MESH, (Journal of the Modern Image Makers Association), No. 7, p. 2-5, Summer 1995.

Lucas, Adam "Virtual Life", Black+White, No. 14, p. 20-21, August 1995.

Dersot, Lionel "Special Interview: Jon McCormack", CD-ROM Fan, July 1995 (In Japanese).

Wark, McKenzie "The Terminal Garden", World Art, No. 1, p. 52-56, 1995.

Wark, McKenzie "The Cyberouqe World", (Interview with Jon McCormack and Troy Innocent at Siggraph '95) World Art, No. 1, p. 57-60, 1995.

Van Der Plas, Wim "Third International Symposium on Electronic Art", (in Dutch) PIM, No. 1, p. 36-39, The Netherlands, 1993.




[books that include reference to, or commentary about my work

Reichle, I. Kunst Aus Dem Labor, Springer, Wien, 2005.

Tofts, D. Interzone: media arts in Australia, Craftsman House (Thames & Hudson), Fisherman's Bend, 2005.

Whitelaw, M. Metacreation: art and artificial life, MIT Press 2004.

Russett, Robert HYPERANIMATION: Digital Images and Virtual Worlds, University of Louisiana (Expected to be published in 2001).

Goodall, J. "The nemesis of natural history", in Uncertain Ground: essays between art + nature, Martin Thomas, Ed., Art Gallery of NSW, 1999. pp. 106-123.

Spalter, A. M. The Computer in the Visual Arts, Addison Wesley Longman, Reading, MA, 1999.

Tofts, D. Paralax: Essays on Art, Culture and Technology, Interface Books, 1999.




  images dream    

[a selection of images provided for books, journals, magazines, and reports]


Australia Council Annual Report 1999/2000, Commonwealth of Australia, 2000.


Generation Asia (Asialink Circle Newsletter), Issue 11, September 2000.


Museum National, Vol. 9 No. 1, Museums Australia, August 2000.


First Iteration, CD, CD-ROM and Proceedings covers, CEMA, December 1999.


Art Beat (Newsletter from the Commonwealth Dept. of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts), Spring 1998.  

Images du Future '97, Catalogue and flyers, May 1997.


Gazette (The Moving Image), University of Melbourne, Autumn, 1996.


Museum National, Vol.4 No. 2, November 1995.


Art & Cyberculture, Media Information Australia, AFTRS, Sydney 1992.

  other drawing    

[miscellaneous things, publicity, television, short reviews]



"Lighting up Federation Square" by June Yu, Monash News, June 2001



"Data Sperm" by Sean Healy, 3D World, July 2001


"Coding Lifeforms – Designer Profile: Jon McCormack" by Mary Byrne, IT Graphics, Issue 014 Dec./Jan. 2001.

"New Life at CasulaPowerhouse" by Mary Byrne, IT Graphics, Issue 013, Nov. 2000.

"Virtual Worlds" by David Nerlich, IF (Independent Film Magazine), October 2000.

"In touch with new art currents" by Sharifah Hamzah, Life Sunday (Malaysia), May 26, 2000.

"Pameran seni multimedia 'Arus' petanda realiti baru" by Hasmi Hashim, The Star (Malaysia), April 4, 2000.

"Life through computer algorithms" by Amanda Wells, New Zealand Infotech Weekly, No. 419, November 15, 1999.

"Wired and Wonderful" by Simon Plant & "Marvellous Mutations" by Kirsty Simpson, Herald-Sun (Weekend), October 26, 1998.

Artificial Life, Art Beat (Newsletter from the Commonwealth Dept. of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts), Spring 1998, p. 6-7, (also cover image).

"But is it Art?" by Melissa Fyfe, The Age, March 7, 1998.

"Art with a 'full-body' mouse" by Jenny Sinclair, The Age IT Supplement, October 28, 1997.

"State of the Arts" by Greg Callaghan, The Weekend Australian, October 25-26, 1997.

"Interact with the beauty of Turbulence" by Trudi Macintosh, The Australian, September 30, 1997.

"High Tech Horizons" by Tom Twentyman, The Express (UK), April 22, 1997.

"Playing God" by Kevin Delaney, Manchester Evening News (UK), April 21, 1997.

"Waiting for a bigger splash", The Guardian (UK), April 17, 1997.

"Beats watching TV" by Robert Clark, The Guardian - Arts Reviews (UK), April 17, 1997.

"A leap in the dark" (Review of Video Positive 1997) by Victoria Guerrero, The Independent (UK), April 15, 1997.

"What goes up must come down" by Sean Smith, The Big Issue (UK), April 14-20, 1997.

"Contemporary art – out now on video" by Nick Taylor, Independent on Sunday (UK), April 6, 1997.

"Do you want to play God?", Manchester Evening News (UK), April 4, 1997.

"Netcetrera:Multimedia", Museums and Galleries (UK), April 1997.

"No-fear kids go hands-on" by Jennifer McCarthy, The Australian (Computer Supplement), August 26, 1997.

"Virtual Unreality" by Fiona Hudson, Herald-Sun:Encore supplement, p. 4-5, February 9, 1997.

"New technologies forge a radical vision of art" by Richard Jinman, The Australian, October 12, 1996.

"Demain la veille" by Stéphane Baillargeon, Le Devoir (Canada), May 12, 1996. (In French)

"Turbulence: Computer Art", Hot Chips, ABC Television, Original transmission date: August 2, 1995, Reporter: Graham Phillips. 1995.

"Spectaculaire Beeldtaal – Kunst per Computer" by Moniek Janssen, InterInfo, p. 44, May/June 1995. (In Dutch).

"Painting by Digits" by Nicole Brady, The Age Arts Extra, May 1994.

"When Art & Technology make fine bedfellows" by Lisa Mitchell, The Age, May 10, 1994.

"The Reality Engine" by Anthony Horan, Beat, Issue 398, May 11, 1994.

Special Report: Siggraph '94, ASCII Magazine (Japan), p. 361-368, No. 10, 1994.

"Jon McCormack", Desktop, No. 56, p. 82, November 1991.


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