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  • Search by keywords, read the instructions carefully: Glookbib searches for entries matching all the given words. It is not upper/lower case-sensitive. Best results are usually obtained by searching for one to three keywords only.
    Unfortunately small integers such as 1, 2, 3, 90, 101, 110, 130 are ignored; use S1, S2, S3, D90, FC101, D110 or D130 as appropriate.
    Do not include `and', `or', `,', `+', `*' or wildcards.
    Use singular rather than plural terms.
    eg. to find books about series one Land Rovers give: s1 book
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Frequently Used Keywords for Frequently Asked Questions:

accessories, army, Australia, axle, book, BushRanger, club, commercial, company, D90, D110, D130, Defender, diff, differential, Discovery, electrical, engine, event, expedition, FAQ (frequently asked questions), FC (forward control), film, fire engine, gearbox, help, HT (hard top), InterNet, journal, Land Rover, LR, LRO, LW (light weight), LWB, magazine, mechanical, military, model, movie, museum, ninety, oneOone, one ten, Perentie, picture, press, prices, prototype, Range Rover, Rover, RR, S1, S2, S2A, S3, sales, series, SI, SII, SIIA, SIII, special, ST (soft top), Stage1, SW, SWB, toy, winch, www (world wide web).

NB: These pages have no official connection with Land Rover, the Rover company, British Aerospace, BMW, or Ford.

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